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Over the past 8 months (Nov 22 – June 23), OzFish has:

  • 5,469 volunteers supported OzFish activities contributing 28,079 hours of habitat restoration across 52 Chapters.

  • hosted 252 fish-focused events

  • 1,357,990 seeds/rhizomes collected restoring more than 9.5ha of seagrass meadows.

  • 3,474 reef modules deployed, restoring over 11HA of shellfish reef. This included 54 tonnes of recycled shell diverted from landfill.

  • removed 4 tonnes of litter removed from over 70km of waterways

  • installed 110 snags and 94 fish hotels in our rivers, and 325 rocky river reefs providing more places to breed, feed and shelter.

  • 103km of riverbanks are now more fishable.




Recreational Fishers In Australia – A Social Snapshot

Take a minute to get to know yourself and fishing even more in this fascinating snapshot of Aussie anglers. By understanding why you love to fish and how it makes you feel, how you connect with other anglers and what you value most about fishing – you’ll see that you’re not just a ‘fisho’ but a guardian and protector to the future of our sport.

‘Recreational Fishers in Australia – a Social Snapshot’

National Fish Habitat Strategy: Recreational Fishers Managing Fish Habitat

Widespread loss of fish habitat across Australia has contributed to a decline in our fish stocks.

A National Fish Habitat Strategy is our plan to improve our recreational fisheries for the future. We know that by improving the quality and extent of habitat, fish will thrive. We believe that recreational fishers are the key to fish habitat rehabilitation and we need to work together if we want to bring the fish back. How good our fisheries are, depends on us. Read the Strategy here.