OzFish provides a way for our proud recreational fishing community to get active in habitat protection and restoration because they know more than anyone that there are less fish in our rivers, estuaries and reefs than ever before.

Restoring fish habitats is critical to recovering Australia’s fisheries, along with education and sound research. Our once-healthy waterways have been impacted over decades by human intervention, placing the future of recreational fishing at risk. Our localised and national projects fall into four key categories that ensure our movement of recreational anglers across Australia can help restore the habitats, fish species and fishing spots important to them.

Project Areas

Basin Fish Action

Restoration of fish populations through actions that address habitat loss and degradation within the Murray Darling Basin such as environmental flows, fish passage, resnagging, pump screening, riparian revegetation, weed management, mapping and monitoring and pest fish management.

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Fishers For Coastal Habitat

Fishers for coastal habitat produce projects that restore fish populations along the coast through a range of activities including; fish passage, wetland rehabilitation, resnagging, water quality improvements, floodgate and floodplain management.

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Homes For Fish

Homes for fish projects provide structural homes for our fish species in both coastal and inland areas. These projects include restoring shellfish reefs and resnagging to protect the health of our oceans and inland waterways.

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Thinking Fish

Thinking Fish projects provide knowledge to recreational fishers about fish habitat needs, enable fishers to participate in citizen science research. These projects build the capacity of recreational anglers to undertake and better prioritise actions in their own backyard.

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