Macquarie River Fish Rescue

Like many of our major rivers and lakes, the Macquarie River in NSW is drying out and our native fish are in desperate need of our help to survive. A major fish rescue being driven by recreational fishing volunteers from Dubbo's Inland Waterways OzFish Chapter in partnership with NSW Department of Primary Industries Fisheries (DPI) was completed to prevent further fish kills.

Port Phillip Bay

Fishers in Port Phillip Bay have been getting an in-depth look at their local fishing spots through a citizen science project currently being undertaken. In partnership with VRFish and The Nature Conservancy the Reccy’s Restoring the Bay project is being led by OzFish Unlimited and aims to involve more recreational fishers in restoration activities. Using Baited Remote Underwater Video ...

Seeds For Snapper

With the help of recreational fishers, OzFish is working to restore seagrass habitat in Cockburn Sound, Western Australia. For the second consecutive year, hundreds of recreational fishers and community members in Western Australia will be taking part in the Seeds For Snapper project to restore the lost seagrass of Cockburn Sound.

Driving Fish Habitat Action

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW have joined forces to empower local communities across NSW to improve their local waterways. Focusing on on-ground works to improve the health of habitats in their local rivers, the partnership will enable OzFish chapters and local Landcare groups to work together to deliver river restoration projects.

Murray-Darling Basin

OzFish SW Victoria Chapter and BCF Warrnambool have joined forces in rehabilitating fish habitat in the Merri River. After an initial planting of some 500 native trees along the river bank, volunteers are now set to ‘re-snag’ the river. Seven red-gum root balls are to be placed in the Merri in a location previously devoid of any in-stream structure. These snags are expected to provide much ...

“When they’re on the nest, give them a rest” campaign

IWRA, our OzFish Inland Waterways Chapter, successfully launched the “When they’re on the nest give em a rest” campaign in regional areas around Dubbo. The television campaign was aimed at reducing anglers fishing for Murray Cod in the closed season for breeding. The $15,000 project aired during prime time TV.

Restoring Shellfish Reefs in Pumicestone Passage

Healthy shellfish reefs (oysters, mussels etc.) play a vital role in the marine ecosystem by filtering and cleaning water and by providing habitat for fish. Since European settlement, 95% of shellfish reefs have been lost in Pumicestone Passage.  Now recreational fishers and OzFish are working together to restore these important shellfish reefs.  Shellfish Reef Restoration 12/12/2017 ...

Butlers Creek Habitat Project

Sunraysia Ozfish were recently successful in the 2017/18 Angler Riparian Partnership Program (ARPP). The ARPP is grant funding available for recreational angling groups to work together with the Victorian Government to improve the local habitat for native fishes. The Victorian Government is committed to ensuring recreational fishers are involved in riparian habitat improvement projects across ...

Restoring the Onk at Perrys Bend

OzFish Onkarapinga Chapter members recently completed stage one of their project to restore their local river. The group deployed an impressive 180 limestone blocks into the ‘Onk’ as part of their plan to improve fishing in the river.

OzFish on the Peel – Anglers for Habitat

This project aims to facilitate the removal of rubbish from in stream and adjacent riparian area at Jewry St Weir Peel River Tamworth.  A general clean-up of the area including removal of invasive weed species from riparian area will be undertaken over several working bee days.  Replanting of riparian area with suitable native species and ongoing maintenance, ie: watering and weeding is part ...