At OzFish, we collaborate with a diverse range of organisations who share our commitment to making a difference to Australia’s fishing future.

OzFish works with business in a broad range of ways and aims to establish holistic relationships that deliver strategic value to its partners and their customers.


Thanks to our major partner BCF – Boating, Camping Fishing for their shared commitment in helping to restore and protect fish habitat and the future of recreational fishing in Australia.


 We’ve formed collaborative relationships with the following conservation and peak recreational fishing bodies in Australia.


Businesses that partner with us get the opportunity to profoundly make a difference to Australia’s fishing future and to communicate the values that drive them.  By joining the OzFish movement, you too can be part of the solution helping to improve our cherished pastime across Australia for future generations.

OzFish Unlimited sponsorship and partnerships offer businesses the opportunity to align with a strong national charity that is trusted across Australia to deliver fish habitat restoration and protection initiatives.


Landowners, agencies, non-profits, NGOs, indigenous community groups, councils, government departments and other stakeholders collaborate with us to get projects done across Australia.


These partners are working with us to deliver outcomes for fish habitat, fish and recreational fishers.


Get in touch with our partnership team to chat about potential business opportunities and working with OzFish.

There are many benefits for your business in becoming a corporate partner with us. From brand enhancement to engaging your team and being identified as a business that is socially responsible.  We will work with you to develop a campaign or giving strategy which will build on your networks, engage your stakeholders and drive results.

Find out more about how we can work together and make a difference to Australia’s fishing future.
Contact OzFish via email [email protected] or 1800 431 308.