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OzFish Chapters

Our work at OzFish is fuelled by passionate communities right around Australia, working to improve habitat outcomes for generations to come.

An OzFish Chapter is a group of passionate locals, joining forces to improve habitat outcomes in their local area. Our chapter members are the eyes and ears of our waterways and are the first to know when something isn’t quite right or could do with a helping hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to fishing or you’ve been doing it all your life, our chapters are for everyone.

OzFish works as a ‘conduit’ between what’s happening locally and providing the right resources and support to improve habitat outcomes. We provide insurances, WHS PPE, grant writing capabilities, scientific and project management skills and connections to organisations and government agencies.  


The power of passionate, everyday people should never be underestimated.  

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Chapter Executive Committee 

Each chapter is run by an executive group, ideally 5-8 members, who all play their part in providing additional support for their local area and chapter needs.  

A chapter executive is someone who is willing to put in that little bit extra. They help co-ordinate events, create positive relationships with local stakeholders and help identify local habitat needs and solutions for better habitat outcomes.  

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Take a look at our chapter executive position descriptions and contact taylahkirk@ozfish.org.au, who will connect you with your local OzFish team member.

Benefits of becoming a Chapter Executive

  • Opportunity to work with other passionate people to drive fish habitat restoration in your local area
  • Access to member exclusive opportunities, such as trips away, workshops, bursaries for events and conferences
  • Giving back to your local waterway for future generations
  • Member exclusive training content, such as basic fish ecology and habitat management
  • Great opportunity to gain experience in natural resource manangement

Member Experiences

1 June 2023 | Where passion meets action – a recap of a member’s OzFish experience

I heard about OzFish a few years ago and was eager to learn how I could contribute to the organisation’s vision of healthier waterways. I am now a Chapter leader, participating in an exclusive habitat restoration experience just for its members. OzFish have events running all over Australia; some are open to everyone, and others are only open to members. It‘s one of the things that makes being a member so rewarding. I was privileged to be invited to a six-day immersive experience at Turkey Beach, near Gladstone Queensland, supporting research on shellfish restoration. It was an opportunity to learn about the benefits and connectedness of habitats, and how we can support similar habitats in our local waterways, this one had a focus on shellfish.

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6 September 2022 | OzFish membership – a ticket to incredible experiences

Part of being an OzFish member is the opportunity to play a hands-on role in restoring vital habitat in incredible locations. Becoming a steward for your local waterway and protecting Australia’s natural environment, while improving recreational fishing as you do it is what being an OzFisher is all about. Last month, I headed north from my usual Moreton Bay backyard to take part in a research project being led by scientists from Griffith University. I was joined by five lucky members from Central Moreton Bay Chapter and two Griffith University Ph.D. candidates to survey tropical shellfish reefs at Turkey Beach.

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