Member & Volunteer Code of Conduct

The purpose of our Code of Conduct is to set out standards of behaviour expected from members and volunteers of OzFish Unlimited. Our aim is to make OzFish Unlimited an inclusive, safe and respectful organisation for all members and volunteers.  All members and volunteers should ensure that they have read and comply with this Code of Conduct.

Members and Volunteers must maintain the highest standards of behaviour in the performance of their activities by: 

  • Acting in a way that is in line with the mission and purpose of OzFish Unlimited and that of a registered charity;
  • Acting honestly, responsibly and with integrity;
  • Declaring any interests that may conflict with their role or the work of the charity (e.g. business interests or employment). If any doubt arises as to what constitutes a conflict of interest, members may seek guidance from OzFish staff;
  • Raising concerns about possible wrongdoing witnessed by the member or volunteer in the course of the members or volunteers role with OzFish;
  • Following the charity’s policies and procedures as well as any instructions or directions were reasonably given to them by OzFish staff;
  • Performing their member and volunteer role to the best of their ability in a safe, efficient and competent way; observing safety procedures, including any obligations concerning the safety, health and welfare of other people in line with training provided to volunteers;
  • Treating others and communicating with fairness, equality, dignity and respect;
  • Meeting time and task commitments and providing sufficient notice when they will not be available so that alternative arrangements can be made;
  • Keeping confidential matters confidential;
  • Exercising caution and care with any documents, material or devices, containing confidential information and at the end of their involvement with OzFish Unlimited returning any such documents or material in their possession;
  • Maintaining an appropriate standard of dress and personal hygiene;

Volunteers must not: 

  • Engage in any activity that may cause physical or mental harm or distress to another person, specifically including verbal abuse, physical abuse, assault, bullying, or discrimination or harassment on the grounds of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion, civil or family status, or age;
  • Be affected by alcohol, drugs, or medication which will affect their abilities to carry out their duties and responsibilities while volunteering;
  • Bring OzFish or its partners into disrepute (including through the use of printed material, email, social media and other digital media such as engaging with media outlets etc.);
  • Provide a false or misleading statement, declaration, document, record or claim in respect of OzFish Unlimited, its members, volunteers, employees or Board Members
  • Seek or accept any gifts, rewards, benefits or hospitality in the course of their position as a staff member, OzFish member or volunteer;
  • Engage in any activity that may damage property;
  • Take unauthorised possession of property that does not belong to them.
  • Engage in illegal activity.
Members and volunteers acknowledge that no employment relationship is created in the context of their role with OzFish Unlimited.