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Gwydir River, NSW 2022

OzFish alongside Northern Slopes Landcare, Traditional Owners, recreational fishers and Moree Urban Landcare worked to rehabilitate Moree’s fish habitats on the Gwydir River. Using the River Repair Bus program based at Moree, OzFish led restoration works across three sites surrounding…
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Mehi River, NSW

The Mehi and adjacent Gwydir catchment areas cover more than 27,000 square kilometres and contain waterways that are in need of urgent restoration. OzFish is working with Moree Urban Landcare, as part of its partnership with Landcare NSW, to rebuild…
Yabby Trap Round Up

Yabby Trap Round Up

An initiative by OceanEarth Foundation, through its Ghostnets Australia program, in collaboration with OzFish Unlimited, The Yabby Trap Round-Up is collecting all old and unwanted yabby traps to protect the future of fishing and the health of our waterways. The…
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With the support of BCF and its passionate customers, we are delivering on the goal of healthier waterways.

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