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OzFish Unlimited, alongside Northern Slopes Landcare, Traditional owners, recreational fishers and Moree Urban Landcare worked to rehabilitate Moree’s fish habitats that are under threat, with the degradation having occurred since European settlement.

4,000 native seedlings


10 woody structures


One fish forum


Helping To Rejuvenate Vital Fish Habitats

Using the River Repair Bus Program, OzFish Unlimited, local recreational fishers and the Indigenous community undertook restoration works across three sites surrounding the community of Moree and the Gwydir River.

These activities improved the Gwydir catchment’s health and created local economic benefits. It does this by providing employment opportunities, stewardship, and further developing on-ground local community restoration action.


Habitat restoration is critical to mitigating degradation, and recreational fishers play a crucial role in such restoration efforts.

What Is The OzFish River Repair Bus?

OzFish’s River Repair Bus initiatives are a first of their kind in Australia. This vehicle transports volunteers and all the heavy gear needed to implement vital habitat restoration work on rivers, creeks, lakes, billabongs, and wetlands that help our native fish thrive.

Like all the other vehicles in OzFish’s growing fleet, the Moree River Repair Bus also hauled a generous trailer. This is used for litter cleanup, weed removal, and transporting the native vegetation that volunteers planted to restore local fish habitats.

Moree’s River Repair Bus Offers A Route To Wellbeing

The initiatives of Moree’s River Repair Bus tick a trifecta of boxes. Research suggests can lift the happiness levels and mental health of everyone involved.

This happiness trifecta is proven to elevate well-being because it involves doing meaningful community-based volunteer work, participating in mild exercise in a group setting and spending time outdoors in nature’s green spaces.


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This project was made possible by the OzFish-Landcare NSW partnership with funding support from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts, the Australian Government through the CRC Program, the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.