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Swap your opera house yabby traps!

We’ve teamed up with OceanEarth Foundation, through its Ghostnets Australia program, to bring you The Yabby Trap Round-Up.We’re looking to collect all your old and unwanted Opera House yabby traps and recycle them into useful products for fishers, with the proceeds being used to support habitat restoration.

The Yabby Trap Round Up is running across New South Wales and South Australia, where the use of opera house nets are illegal. Click your state to find out more or get involved.

South Australia
South Australia

Following community support to recycle old opera house nets in New South Wales, South Australia launched the Yabby Trap Round Up in early 2024. The nets were banned in SA in July 2023, so this project looks at swapping the traps for a more sustainable alternative.

New South Wales
New South Wales

The Yabby Trap Round Up was launched in mid 2023 in New South Wales. The project encourages anyone with old or unwanted opera house yabby traps to send them to OzFish or drop them off at Trap Drop Spots for recycling, and receive a free Aussie-made lure.

Why participate?

Opera house traps have proven harmful to native wildlife and are now illegal in most states of Australia. By swapping them for open-top pyramid or hoop nets, you’ll ensure non-target species can escape, promoting a healthy ecosystem.

The collected opera house traps through this initiative will be recycled into useful products for fishers, with proceeds used to support habitat restoration efforts.

Recreational fishers are an essential part of our community, and by showing up for our waterways, we can create a positive long-term impact.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your gear, embrace sustainable practices, and help us create a thriving environment for our native fish and wildlife. See you at the Yabby Trap Round-Up events!


  • How long is the swap program running?

    The project within NSW and SA is only for a limited time, however, OzFish will continue to collect nets as part of its Tackle Loop program.

  • What will happen with the Yabby Traps?

    For those who drop off their yabby traps, the frame will be separated from the net, which will then go to a metal recycling facility. All nets will go to TierraMar, who are developing a way to upcycle the nets into a fishing product.

  • Why shouldn't I use yabby trap?

    Non-target species including platypus, native water rats (rakali), turtles and birds are attracted to the bait placed in traps, which are at high risk of becoming caught and drowning.

  • Is using yabby traps illegal?

    It is illegal to use yabby traps in NSW, VIC, TAS, WA and SA, and in QLD there are restrictions. Click here for a fact sheet from NSW Department of Primary Industries.

  • What can I use instead of a yabby trap?

    Open-top pyramid and hoop nets are a more environmentally friendly design, allowing non-target species to escape if they swim in, while being effective at catching yabbies.

The Yabby Trap Round-Up program is an initiative of OceanEarth Foundation, through its GhostNets program, in collaboration with OzFish Unlimited. It is also supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.

Project partners also include the NSW Department of Primary Industries and RecFish SA.