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People and organisations working on restoring fish habitat in Australia

The Australian Coastal Restoration Network is a platform to connect those specialists, experts, researchers, practitioners and managers so that they can collaborate, share knowledge and ideas, and seeks answers and solutions to challenges.

Australian Coastal Restoration Network

Within this broad network are specialist networks for key ecosystems

Seagrass Restoration Network 
Shellfish Reef Restoration Network
Reef Resilience Network

Great information on fishing – Where to fish how to fish and what to fish with!

Steve Starling (Starlo)
Al McGlashan (Al)
Micheal Guest (Guesty)
Scott Hillier (Scotty)

International Recreational Fishing Organisations involved in fish habitat work

Angling Trust (UK)
Trout Unlimited
Wye and Usk Foundation
Wild Trout Trust (UK)

Key Fisheries Agencies in Australia with good fish habitat information or contacts

Fisheries NSW
Arthur Rylah Institute (Victoria)

People making a difference with;

Mens mental health The Fly Program

FRDC Final Report and Fact Sheets

Final Report – Link to come

Fact Sheets – Links to come