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Locals work toward more fish in the Southern Downs

September 4, 2019

OzFish Unlimited, a national charity protecting and improving Australia’s fishing and fish habitat has launched its newest chapter today in Warwick, South East Queensland.

Chief Executive Officer and OzFish Unlimited founder, Craig Copeland, said the formation of the chapter was a great example of local people working together to help their local rivers.

“You don’t need to have any knowledge of fish habitat rehabilitation to get involved sometimes it’s simply people with energy, a passion for the environment and time that goes a long way,” Mr Copeland said.

“We know that by improving the quality and extent of habitat, fish will thrive.

“We see this as a positive step for the local fish habitat. It’s been exciting to see locals get involved as activating local communities is part of what we do.

“Your local OzFish Chapter is the place to get involved in local fish habitat restoration projects in such as re-snagging, riverbank planting or anything that will ultimately improve your fish habitat.

“I encourage local residents who would like to volunteer in fish habitat rehabilitation to connect with the Warwick OzFish Chapter either as a volunteer or a member.”

Long-time Warwick resident Ed Kemp is the new chapter’s President and the group’s second project is aimed at improving the Murray Cod breeding habitat in the Leslie Dam.

Murray Cod is one of Australia’s most important recreational fish and more habitat in the Dam will increase productivity in the Dam. 

The Warwick chapter is the 30th across the country and has also set its sights on improving the habitat for Murray Cod and other native fish species in the Upper Condamine catchment.

For more information go to, become a member and get connected to your local chapter or contribute to this great work in your local BCF store. More information on the local chapter can be found at:

OzFish lend a hand at Tree Planting Day

OzFish Unlimited were thrilled to support Mulgrave Landcare and Catchment Group's tree planting event over the weekend.

The day was a huge success, with 1500 trees planted by 52 volunteers to protect the banks of McDonnell Creek from erosion, and improve water quality entering the Fig Tree Lagoons and Mulgrave River, FNQ.

[gdgallery_gallery id_gallery="14"]

The event was well attended, with representation from Traditional Landowners, Landholders, local family groups and school children from 4 local schools, all lending a hand on the day. A big thanks to our Major Partner BCF- Boating, Camping, Fishing who also supported the day, gifting lucky winners with rods, eskies and chairs.

Well done to the organisers on such a successful event!

Want to know more about the project? Visit Mulgrave Landcare and Catchment Group's facebook page at

Want to get involved? Jump over to our Membership page to join your local chapter today!

In the News: OzFish and Landcare NSW launch new Partnership

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW are joining forces to drive collaboration across New South Wales that will empower local community members to improve Australia’s land and water habitats.

Focusing on on-the-ground works to improve the health of fish habitats in their local rivers, the project partnership will enable OzFish chapters and local Landcare groups to work together to deliver river restoration projects.

Landcare NSW CEO, Dr Adrian Zammit, said the partnership will provide additional support for Landcare groups to continue their work with river catchments and waterways across NSW and collaborate with local OzFish chapters to improve their local aquatic habitats.

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW Local and State representatives at the launch of the partnership in Dubbo

“We are thrilled to be partnering with OzFish to support the important work both organisations are doing to improve the health and sustainability of our most precious resource, water,” Dr Zammit said.

Director of Habitat Programs for OzFish, Cassie Price, said the project partnership will harness the power of the two grassroots, community led, organisations to develop programs that would improve the health of local river systems and fish habitats.

“Community Non-Government Organisations such as OzFish and Landcare NSW working together is incredibly powerful. Through this partnership we will be able to work across the scope of our expertise in land and water to greatly benefit the environment across the different landscapes of NSW. Not only will that benefit fish, but as importantly, whole towns and communities.

Cassie Price, Director of Habitat OzFish Unlimited and Dr Adrian Zammit, CEO Landcare NSW in Dubbo

“Native fish in parts of the Murray Darling Basin will soon have more areas to rest, shelter and breed and the landscapes along our waterways will continue to improve with our united efforts,” said Ms Price.

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW Project Partnership is funded by the Department of Primary Industries and BCF - Boating, Camping and Fishing.

Shimano Scholarship winner announced with the JIME Cadets Program

Anthony Guy has been selected as this year’s Shimano Scholarship winner with the Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental (JIME) Cadets Program.

The Shimano scholarships are intended to provide needed financial assistance to future leaders in conservation, fisheries and wildlife sciences and management. The scholarship also supports young anglers to learn about fishing tackle and techniques, provides industry networking opportunities at Shimano events and stresses the role anglers have in fishing conservation and advocacy.

For winner Anthony Guy, the once in a lifetime opportunity included a trip to the USA and Canada, with JIME CEO, Jason Ryan.

Shimano Scholarship Winner Anthony Guy, pictured with JIME CEO, Jason Ryan.

The pair attended the ICAST Trade show in Florida, followed up by a trip to British Columbia to fish with Fred’s Helmer’s Custom Tackle and guide, Brody Mansell. After just one hour on Fraser river, South-East of Vancouver, Anthony landed this 250 lb, 7 foot sturgeon.

Congratulations Anthony!

About the JIME Program

OzFish and our Major Partner BCF are proud to support the Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental Cadet Program (JIME), which offers students industry-related employment while still at Secondary School.

It is the Junior Guide Program that has grabbed the attention of the students, as it proposes not only a viable future but also a future that is invested in the culture and traditions of their peoples.

Currently, 20 students participate in work and training programs across the Tiwi Islands and Cairns, with further expansion of the program Nationally expected in 2020.

You can read more about the JIME Program by visiting their website

OzFish 2019 Wagga Murrumbidgee Lure Casters Comp a Huge Success!
Our OzFish Wagga - 2019 Murrumbidgee Lure Casters Comp kicked off its inaugural year with a bang raising nearly $2000 for the Wagga chapter. Read More
Hitting The Refresh Button On Moreton Bay
Moreton Bay is a unique part of the world made famous for the bugs that carry its namesake. It should be a breadbasket of aquatic life fed by the warm Queensland currents. Instead, this unique stretch of coast has been ravaged by almost a hundred years of mining and poor water quality for which little environmental reparations have ever been made. What’s left is a coastal stretch that may look Instagram-worthy if you fly over it when leaving Brisbane, but when you get up close and personal it’s in a bad state. This is what the OzFish Unlimited Moreton Bay Chapter is working to remedy with its innovative shellfish habitat initiative.

The Inception Point

[caption id="attachment_5521" align="alignright" width="300"]OzFish Moreton Bay Robbie Porter, OzFish Moreton Bay Chapter President[/caption] Leading the charge in this rehabilitation ascendency is OzFish Moreton BayChapter President, Robbie Porter, who grew up exploring and fishing the waterways of Moreton Bay. “Over the years I’d noticed how parts of the Bay are muddy and lifeless,” says Porter. “I always wondered why it had deteriorated so much then I researched the role shellfish play in water filtration and habitat. Without them the fish habitat and water quality will never be optimised and this dramatically affects fish stocks. I’d heard about other reef restoration projects around the world, mostly in America, and found out there were some happening in Queensland, but it’s become my goal to make this the biggest on the planet. Our goal is that in 10 years we will restore 100 hectares of Shellfish Reef and beyond that stretching many hundreds of hectares more.” Not only will that kind of restoration improve the water quality, but it will rejuvenate the aquatic life and return the Bay back to its former glory.

The Big Picture

National not-for-profit organisation OzFish Unlimited is partnered with leading retailer BCF, as part of its ‘Give Back to Habitat’ initiative to help projects like this in Moreton Bay. The opening of the Moreton Bay Shellfish Recycling Centre is just one part of the journey to restore Australia’s waterways to a healthy environment for aquatic life. Clean waterways and healthy habitats are vital for the sustainability of water related activities loved by Aussies, including recreational fishers. Placing used oyster shells after they have been sterilised by the recycling process, in the waterways is scientifically proven to encourage live oysters to return to the area, which has the knock-on benefit of growing fish populations. An adult oyster can filter between four and five litres of water every hour, meaning the restoration of shellfish reefs by OzFish will quickly make a demonstrable difference to the area’s water quality and fish populations. “What we’re doing here in Moreton Bay, which is just the start of a nationwide campaign, would not be possible without the dedication and support of our hardworking volunteers and partner organisations. I’d particularly like to thank BCF for their support and the national presence they give us.” said Mr Copeland OzFish CEO and founder.

Shells in Action

The OzFish Moreton Bay Chapter currently has 70 cubic meters of oyster shells drying and sterilising in the sun, but that’s only a portion of the raw materials they need to get the project up to full capacity. “Currently we’re only collecting a quarter of the shells from the oyster shucking industry and only 1% of the shells from restaurants and seafood business in the Brisbane area,” explains Porter. “It’s a matter of time and money because shells need to be regularly collected. The task is environmentally important because we are using the shells to create reefs instead of having them end up in landfill. We’re working on establishing a deal with the Eat Street Markets and hope to get the funding to employ someone full time to collect the shells which needs to happen every 2-3 days or they begin to stink.” Once these shells are sterilised in the sun they are placed into bags and will then be used to recreate the reefs we’ve lost. [gdgallery_gallery id_gallery="11"]

Test Sites

Moreton Bay is a Marine Park so OzFish is working with the Queensland Government to ensure its proposals do not harm the Bays existing values. OzFish Moreton Bay has already placed a test site outside the Park. “We placed a shellfish reef into a stretch of the Bay and found that there were an enormous populations of crabs, shrimp, bream, perch and mullet surrounding them,” says Porter. “The water was still muddy as it takes a while for new oysters to establish themselves, but it is positive to see new life where there was previously none.” They are aiming to create trial sites with an initial coverage of 13 tidal reefs and four subtidal reefs using the oyster shells nobody seems to want. It’s a pioneering initiative that will see new aquatic life and clearer water returned to the once glorious Moreton Bay area

How You Can Help

  1. Get the word out
Please share this story across your social platforms and put the idea in front of council and state members as we are getting some resistance against our conservation efforts.
  1. Volunteer and become a member
Contact Robbie Porter with a view for putting your name down to help. You can do this by becoming a member of the OzFish Moreton Bay Chapter online at where you can support our work as a volunteer. Help with shell collection, bagging and other fish habitat projects is always welcome.
  1. Enter the Wynnum Fishing Classic (3-6th May)
Details are on the OzFish site and all proceeds will be devoted to the rehabilitation of the reef by way of buying bags to place the oyster shells into. There are raffles and plenty of prizes to be won to you won’t go home empty handed.
  1. Eat your fill of oysters
Specifically you should eat as many oysters as you can at the Wynnum Manly Seafood Festival (6th May) in George Clayton Park. All of the shells will be reused for the restoration project. Donate to OzFish Donations can be made via our website at or in-store at any BCF across the country through the 'Give Back to Habitat' Initiative.
OzFish and local Fishos rally to save fish - Beachmere, QLD
An algae bloom in Beachmere Lake is believed to be the cause of yet another fish kill.  Read More
OzFish create oxygen refuges for fish along the Lower Darling River

UPDATE: As the Murray Darling River fish crisis has continued to unfold, OzFish Unlimited volunteers have been hard at work with the successful installation of five large aerators into the Lower Darling River.  Read More

In the news: Recreational anglers work to save dying fish

Passionate anglers who volunteer their time to create and restore fish habitat in Australia’s waterways, have been left heartbroken as mass fish kills continue in a 40-kilometre stretch of the Darling River, near the town of Menindee in far western NSW.

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Ozfish and BCF launch new Give Back to Habitat Initiative in Moreton Bay

Australia’s recreational fishers are being encouraged to get behind a new Give Back to Habitat initiative to restore degraded waterways, improving habitats and fish numbers. Read More

Reccys Restoring the Bay

Ozfish launch new project 'Reccy's Restoring the Bay" to restore habitat in Port Phillip Bay. 

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Restoring the seagrass meadows of Cockburn Sound

In a first for Australia, hundreds of West Australian recreational fishers will be taking part in a massive effort to restore the lost seagrass meadows of Cockburn Sound in the Seeds for Snapper project. Read More

That's a wrap! Ozfish Gone Fishing Day 2018

Carp were mustered, Tilapia were busted and a whole lot of fun was had!

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Carp muster will feature in this year’s Gone Fishing Day events


Remember last year's Gone Fishing day at Tenterfield Dam? Lots of fun was had but conditions were atrocious, and organisers are hoping to avoid a repeat with a rescheduling of this year’s event to this Sunday, October 28.

Click here to read the full article

OzFish Tenterfield chapter was founded by passionate anglers like Harry Davey who envisage a big future for their local native fishery. Good natural populations of Murray cod and golden perch can be found in the rivers, however they are under threat from land use practices. With a bit of effort from the community the waterways can be rehabilitated.

Connect to the chapter via their Facebook


Lend a hand on Trees for Fish Day

Trees for Fish!

OzFish will be planting Trees for Fish on Emigrant Creek, Saturday 20 October from 10am and we want everyone to lend a hand! Read More

Sliver of hope for oyster farmers and our fish

3 Month old Spat from Mobbs BayIN SPITE of awful water quality, oyster farmers on the Richmond River are still hoping for a reason to come up smiling one day – and perhaps they've found it.

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A fishing competition with a difference

Wynumn-fishing-classic-1.jpgWe are thrilled to announce that the inaugural Ozfish Unlimited Wynnum Fishing Classic will come to life this October, with thanks to the support of our National Partners, BCF and event sponsor Bluefin Boats.

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Get involved with Ozfish this Gone Fishing Day!

The Australia Recreational Fishers Association Gone Fishing Day will be held for the second year on Sunday, October 14th 2018.

The day marks a celebration of all things fishing – where all Australians are encouraged to pick up a rod, get together a crew and get out on the water. 

Here at Ozfish, we know that better habitat means better fishing. That’s why we’ll be celebrating Gone Fishing Day with a number of Ozfish supported events aimed at going fishing, restoring habitat, raising funds and most importantly – having FUN!

A big thank you to our partners BCF and Shimano for supporting our local events across Australia.

Want to get involved on the day?

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Fishers Hooked on Habitat Health

Having counted down the days the weekend is finally here. And that means one thing - fishing! Reels and rods in hand, you and your mates set out before sunrise to your secret spot for a weekend on the water. As you excitedly cast off with your brand new hard body lure, you start waiting for a strike from a flathead; but it doesn’t come.


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Fishers for fish habitat forum

Fishers for Fish Habitat ForumOzFish Unlimited and our major partners BCF are giving 20 keen fishers the opportunity to receive a $100 contribution to attend the Department of Primary Industry’s 2018 Fishers for Fish Habitat Forum in Ballina on the 24-25th August. The Forum is funded through the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts.

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We Want You!

Join OzFish Unlimited TodayOur membership drive has started and it's HUGE! Sign up now to help us create better habitat for better fishing and you'll have the chance to win some fantastic prizes thanks to BCF, our sponsors and supporters. CLICK HERE to start catching more fish thanks to OzFish and help us secure the future of recreational fishing in Australia.

OzFish Facebook Photo Competition April/May 2018

What a competition! Thousands of photos submitted and they all told a story. There were lots of small fish but big smiles, there were lots of big fish and big smiles and plenty with no fish and still big smiles. It’s what fishing is all about to us here at OzFish. Read More

More Fish in the Lower Murray? Bring Back the Running River

Imagine a lower Murray where fishers can reliably catch and release 20kg Murray cod. Where fish and other aquatic animals thrive in a healthy river. This is the natural and cultural heritage of the Murray River and restoring it is well within our means. The clincher is that a lot of this can be done with little or no extra water from the Murray Darling Basin Plan.” Read More

Shimano Indigenous Junior Fishing Guide Program

OzFish Unlimited is proud to be an active supporter of the Shimano Indigenous Junior Guide Program. The Program provides indigenous students with the education and training to become fishing Read More

Welcome OzFish Tweed River Chapter

Fish habitat in the Tweed River is destined for an upgrade with the formation of our latest chapter. OzFish Tweed River Chapter is planning on addressing issues that degrade habitat such as erosion, sedimentation and fish barriers. Chapter members see great Read More

Welcome OzFish Perth Chapter

The OzFish family continues to spread to every corner of the map with the birth of OzFish Perth Chapter in Western Australia! Recreational fishers everywhere are waking up to the great benefits of forming an OzFish chapter. Thanks to funding from the Community Rivercare Program and BCF, OzFish Perth Chapter are set to Read More

Welcome OzFish Wagga Chapter

OzFish would like to extend     A BIG WELCOME to our latest group, OzFish Wagga Chapter!! The group have their sights set on the mighty  Murrumbidgee River and are keen to see all local waterways restored and thriving with enhanced Read More

Talking Tuckean: community drop in sessions

Project partners invite anyone interested in the Tuckean Swamp Project: Options Study to come along and share their knowledge of the area and ask us more about the project at Meerschaum Vale Hall on April 13th/14th. For more information see the flyer or phone Cassie on 0402 408 791.

Burrendong Easter Classic – Extraordinary effort by local anglers

The Inland Waterways Rejuvenation Association and OzFish Chapter based in Dubbo, held their 9th annual Lake Burrendong Easter Fishing Classic over the weekend. Read More

Burrendong Easter Fishing Classic 2018

It’s a proud month for OzFish, with one of our power house chapters The Inland Waterway’s about to run their 9th consecutive Lake Burrendong Easter Fishing Classic. Read More

OzFish is Coming to Cairns

Would you like to help improve fish habitat around Cairns? Come join us and be part of a growing group of recreational fishers that are repairing fish habitat across the country. OzFish is offering a free presentation at the Yorkeys Knob Boat Club at 6:30pm on Wednesday March 7th.  Read More

Tenterfield Dreaming

Being a part of the OzFish family certainly has its benefits. I recently had the opportunity to fish with one of our passionate OzFish Chapter Presidents, Harry Davey. He's such a great example of what OzFish embodies - loves his fishing and wants to Read More

More Shellfish Means More Fish Thanks to OzFish and BCF

A huge congratulations to OzFish's senior project manager Dr Ben Diggles and our OzFish volunteers for their extraordinary work in helping to restore the lost shellfish reefs in the waters of Pumicestone Passage off Bribie Island in south-east QLD! Read More

Give Back to Habitat with Guesty

OUR GIVE BACK TO HABITAT CAMPAIGN IS IN EVERY BCF STORE RIGHT NOW! OzFish Ambassador Michael Guest gets behind our new Give Back to Habitat campaign which is helping every Aussie make Read More

OzFish'n our Future Female Fishers!

OzFish's "Snagger Brown" is helping to inspire the next generation of female anglers to get into fishing and to learn about the importance of fish habitat. Speaking at the Lure of Leadership Read More

Restoring the Onk at Perrys Bend

OzFish Onkarapinga Chapter members recently completed stage one of their project to restore their local river. The group deployed an impressive 180 limestone blocks into the 'Onk' as part of their plan to improve fishing in the river. Read More

Resnagging the Merri River (Part 2)

Back in August we saw OzFish SW Victoria Chapter team up with BCF and the Warrnambool community in launching their Resnagging the Merri River project. After 4 months of waiting for favorable weather, the right conditions  finally  arrived. Read More

Why Resnag our Coastal Rivers?

Most fishers know how important snags are to natives fish such as Murray Cod and are aware of the wide spread clearance of snags from the Murray Darling Basin. Unfortunately many of our coastal rivers have also been heavily desnagged Read More

Champions of Fish Habitat OzFish Richmond River Chapter

Richmond River Chapter members at riparian plantingA Star is Born

The first of its kind, the OzFish Richmond River Chapter was formed by a bunch of fishers keen to reverse the demise of their local fishery. Read More

Gone Fishing Day Wrap Up

Congratulations to our OzFish Chapters that hosted some impressive events for National Gone Fishing Day 2017. Here is the wrap up;  Read More

Gone Fishing Day This Sunday!

"Some spend whole lifetimes searching for happiness. But whether you’re out on the water any chance you get, or haven’t been out for longer than you’d care to admit, you already know the secret to happiness is the simplest thing of all… fishing." - Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation Read More

Champion of Fish Habitat - Kym Manning

Name: Kym Manning

From: Barmera, SA.

Job: Tackle store owner.

Loves: Fishing & fundraising.  Read More

Fly Tying: The Dahlberg Diver Fly

The Dahlberg Diver would have to be my all time favorite fly. Anything that swims and feeds off the surface of the water will be tempted by the Dahlberg. Murray cod, bass, golden perch, saratoga, barrumundi, even turtles and water dragons love this fly. Read More

Fly Tying: The Donnie Brasco Fly

If you love fly fishing for Australian native fish and are looking for a good fly this spring, look no further than the Donnie Brasco Fly. This is a great all rounder fly for species such as golden perch that school up in our impoundments over springtime. Read More

Resnagging the Merri River

OzFish SW Victoria Chapter and BCF Warrnambool have joined forces in rehabilitating fish habitat in the Merri River. After an initial planting of some 500 native trees along the river bank, volunteers are now set to 're-snag' the river.  Read More

How Can OzFish Help Your Local Fishery?


OzFish Director Mathew Hansen is certainly a mover and shaker when it comes to fish habitat rehabilitation. The work he and his community have undertaken is nothing short of inspirational. Read More

River Repair Bus - work for the dole program

CONGRATULATIONS HARRO! One of our most inspirational OzFishers, David 'Harro' Harris is set to continue his extraordinary work to restore and protect the health of the Macquarie River, as part of the work for the dole program. OzFish Unlimited are so proud of you mate  Read More

Burrendong Classic - more than just a fishing comp!

Living in Lennox Head a common Easter activity is to get wet and muddy at the Blues Festival but sometimes you need to break out of what you normally do – change the 'status quo' as they say. So in 2017 Read More

Champion of Fish Habitat - Harry Davey

Name: Harry Davey

From: Tenterfield, NSW.

Job: Supermarket Manager.

Loves: Freshwater fishing.  Read More

Wetland Restoration Education Program

Our Richmond River Chapter are doing an outstanding job in educating the next generation about importance of conservation of our waterways. The pilot program has been a resounding success so far with several local primary and high schools Read More

Champion of Fish Habitat - Luke Galea

Luke Galea with an impressive barramundiName: Luke Galea

From: Mackay, QLD

Job: Supervisor of Waterways Team at Mackay Regional Council.

Loves: Trekking rainforest streams in search of sooty grunter, jungle perch and barramundi  Read More

Recreational Fishers in Australia

Recreational Fishers in Australia - A social snapshot

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And why it's important to know. Take a minute to get to know yourself and your sport even more in this fascinating snapshot of Aussie anglers. By understanding why you love to fish and how it makes you feel, how you connect with other anglers and what you value most about fishing - you'll see that you're not just a 'fisho' but a guardian and protector to the future of our sport. ‘Recreational Fishers in Australia – a Social Snapshot’ 

Pre and Post Spawning Bass Fishing Tactics

Each winter Australian bass turn their minds to spawning. Biological urges compel female bass to head downstream in search of spawning grounds. Their annual migration can take them hundreds of kilometres down Read More

Tree Planting at Mole River Tenterfield

Sunday 28th March 2017 OzFish Tenterfield Chapter members planted 120 native trees (wattles, redgum and bottle brush) at the Old Bondonga Homestead on the Mole River, 42km west of Tenterfield. The seedlings were supplied by the local nursery.  Read More

Super Oysters Bred to Survive at Ballina

Last September Ozfish Richmond River Chapter partnered with local business Richmond Oysters and the DPI to trial selectively bred Sydney Rock Oysters, which scientists hoped might be more resilient in local conditions more

Habitat Restoration Project Onkaparinga

We were successful with a grant application to Dept of Environment Water and Natural Resources. The project will deliver active habitat restoration in the Onkaparinga catchment, which is located in Adelaide and is under threat due to native vegetation clearing, littering and more 


Fishers for Fish Habitat Seminars

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy these Capacity Building Seminars will take place in 2016 in Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria. The Seminars will focus on  Read More