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Tenterfield Dreaming

Being a part of the OzFish family certainly has its benefits. I recently had the opportunity to fish with one of our passionate OzFish Chapter Presidents, Harry Davey. He's such a great example of what OzFish embodies - loves his fishing and wants to Read More

More Shellfish Means More Fish Thanks to OzFish and BCF

A huge congratulations to OzFish's senior project manager Dr Ben Diggles and our OzFish volunteers for their extraordinary work in helping to restore the lost shellfish reefs in the waters of Pumicestone Passage off Bribie Island in south-east QLD! Read More

Give Back to Habitat with Guesty

OUR GIVE BACK TO HABITAT CAMPAIGN IS IN EVERY BCF STORE RIGHT NOW! OzFish Ambassador Michael Guest gets behind our new Give Back to Habitat campaign which is helping every Aussie make Read More

OzFish'n our Future Female Fishers!

OzFish's "Snagger Brown" is helping to inspire the next generation of female anglers to get into fishing and to learn about the importance of fish habitat. Speaking at the Lure of Leadership Read More

Restoring the Onk at Perrys Bend

OzFish Onkarapinga Chapter members recently completed stage one of their project to restore their local river. The group deployed an impressive 180 limestone blocks into the 'Onk' as part of their plan to improve fishing in the river. Read More

Resnagging the Merri River (Part 2)

Back in August we saw OzFish SW Victoria Chapter team up with BCF and the Warrnambool community in launching their Resnagging the Merri River project. After 4 months of waiting for favorable weather, the right conditions  finally  arrived. Read More

Why Resnag our Coastal Rivers?

Most fishers know how important snags are to natives fish such as Murray Cod and are aware of the wide spread clearance of snags from the Murray Darling Basin. Unfortunately many of our coastal rivers have also been heavily desnagged Read More

Champions of Fish Habitat OzFish Richmond River Chapter

Richmond River Chapter members at riparian plantingA Star is Born

The first of its kind, the OzFish Richmond River Chapter was formed by a bunch of fishers keen to reverse the demise of their local fishery. Read More

Gone Fishing Day Wrap Up

Congratulations to our OzFish Chapters that hosted some impressive events for National Gone Fishing Day 2017. Here is the wrap up;  Read More

Gone Fishing Day This Sunday!

"Some spend whole lifetimes searching for happiness. But whether you’re out on the water any chance you get, or haven’t been out for longer than you’d care to admit, you already know the secret to happiness is the simplest thing of all… fishing." - Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation Read More

Champion of Fish Habitat - Kym Manning

Name: Kym Manning

From: Barmera, SA.

Job: Tackle store owner.

Loves: Fishing & fundraising.  Read More

Fly Tying: The Dahlberg Diver Fly

The Dahlberg Diver would have to be my all time favorite fly. Anything that swims and feeds off the surface of the water will be tempted by the Dahlberg. Murray cod, bass, golden perch, saratoga, barrumundi, even turtles and water dragons love this fly. Read More

Fly Tying: The Donnie Brasco Fly

If you love fly fishing for Australian native fish and are looking for a good fly this spring, look no further than the Donnie Brasco Fly. This is a great all rounder fly for species such as golden perch that school up in our impoundments over springtime. Read More

Resnagging the Merri River

OzFish SW Victoria Chapter and BCF Warrnambool have joined forces in rehabilitating fish habitat in the Merri River. After an initial planting of some 500 native trees along the river bank, volunteers are now set to 're-snag' the river.  Read More

How Can OzFish Help Your Local Fishery?


OzFish Director Mathew Hansen is certainly a mover and shaker when it comes to fish habitat rehabilitation. The work he and his community have undertaken is nothing short of inspirational. Read More

River Repair Bus - work for the dole program

CONGRATULATIONS HARRO! One of our most inspirational OzFishers, David 'Harro' Harris is set to continue his extraordinary work to restore and protect the health of the Macquarie River, as part of the work for the dole program. OzFish Unlimited are so proud of you mate  Read More

Burrendong Classic - more than just a fishing comp!

Living in Lennox Head a common Easter activity is to get wet and muddy at the Blues Festival but sometimes you need to break out of what you normally do – change the 'status quo' as they say. So in 2017 Read More

Champion of Fish Habitat - Harry Davey

Name: Harry Davey

From: Tenterfield, NSW.

Job: Supermarket Manager.

Loves: Freshwater fishing.  Read More

Wetland Restoration Education Program

Our Richmond River Chapter are doing an outstanding job in educating the next generation about importance of conservation of our waterways. The pilot program has been a resounding success so far with several local primary and high schools Read More

Champion of Fish Habitat - Luke Galea

Luke Galea with an impressive barramundiName: Luke Galea

From: Mackay, QLD

Job: Supervisor of Waterways Team at Mackay Regional Council.

Loves: Trekking rainforest streams in search of sooty grunter, jungle perch and barramundi  Read More

Recreational Fishers in Australia

Recreational Fishers in Australia - A social snapshot

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? And why it's important to know. Take a minute to get to know yourself and your sport even more in this fascinating snapshot of Aussie anglers. By understanding why you love to fish and how it makes you feel, how you connect with other anglers and what you value most about fishing - you'll see that you're not just a 'fisho' but a guardian and protector to the future of our sport. ‘Recreational Fishers in Australia – a Social Snapshot’ 

Pre and Post Spawning Bass Fishing Tactics

Each winter Australian bass turn their minds to spawning. Biological urges compel female bass to head downstream in search of spawning grounds. Their annual migration can take them hundreds of kilometres down Read More

Tree Planting at Mole River Tenterfield

Sunday 28th March 2017 OzFish Tenterfield Chapter members planted 120 native trees (wattles, redgum and bottle brush) at the Old Bondonga Homestead on the Mole River, 42km west of Tenterfield. The seedlings were supplied by the local nursery.  Read More

Super Oysters Bred to Survive at Ballina

Last September Ozfish Richmond River Chapter partnered with local business Richmond Oysters and the DPI to trial selectively bred Sydney Rock Oysters, which scientists hoped might be more resilient in local conditions more

Fish Friendly Farms

The project is a continuation of the successful Fish Friendly Farms originally rolled out in NSW. The project is delivered in partnership with South Coast Resource Management, Recfish West and OzFish  Read More

Habitat Restoration Project Onkaparinga

We were successful with a grant application to Dept of Environment Water and Natural Resources. The project will deliver active habitat restoration in the Onkaparinga catchment, which is located in Adelaide and is under threat due to native vegetation clearing, littering and more 


Fishers for Fish Habitat Seminars

Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy these Capacity Building Seminars will take place in 2016 in Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria. The Seminars will focus on  Read More


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