Give Back to Habitat – with OzFish and BCF

It is now even easier to make a positive difference to Australia’s fishing future. Our Give Back to Habitat campaign is in every BCF store right now!

Next time you shop at BCF simply round up to the nearest dollar and your donation will help create healthier waterways for our Aussie fish.

OzFish ambassador Michael Guest explains how in the video below:

Give Back to Habitat

OUR GIVE BACK TO HABITAT CAMPAIGN IS IN EVERY BCF STORE RIGHT NOW! OzFish Ambassador Michael Guest gets behind our new Give Back to Habitat campaign which is helping every Aussie make a difference to Australia's fishing future. Simply round up to the nearest dollar next time you shop with BCF and your donation will help create healthier waterways for our Aussie fish!

Posted by OzFish Unlimited on Friday, 15 December 2017


Here are just some of the success stories OzFish and BCF have accomplished together:

South Australia–  180 limestone blocks and other in-stream structures installed in the Onkaparinga River. Fish are now flocking to these areas.

Murray River Wetlands – Habitat mapping, school and community education and habitat restoration projects focused on Kings Billabong and Butlers Creek.
Victoria – Installed ‘Fish habitat packs’ consisting of large redgum root balls, rocks, lay down snags and fish hotels installed in the Merri River. Riparian planting also undertaken.
Northern NSW – A focus to revive the ‘Kakadu of the South’ – the Tuckean Swamp, which is now one of the largest and most degraded areas of fish habitat in Australia. Other projects include riparian plantings, school and education programs and oyster health monitoring.
Western Australia – Resnagging in the Canning River to attract Black Bream.

Tamworth – Riparian habitat restored  along the Peel River with a vision of continuous riparian corridor for the once completely denuded river. 
South East Queensland – An oyster shell recycling program has been established and Shellfish Reefs have been deployed in Pumicestone Passage.


So next time you shop at BCF, be sure to round up to the nearest dollar and Give Back to Habitat!