Reflections Holidays launches fish sustainability program with OzFish  

Reflections Holidays – the largest holiday park and adventure camping group in NSW and the only one in Australia that is a certified social enterprise – has partnered with OzFish to help recreational anglers and communities improve the health of their rivers, lakes and estuaries.

The partnership between Reflections and OzFish, the only fishing conservation charity in Australia, will identify projects that will improve fish habitats on Reflections Holidays parks across NSW.

Reflections will open its parks to ‘voluntourism’ and invite OzFish to run programs to restore local fish habitats, remove rubbish from waterways and educate the next generation on being a sustainable angler.

OzFish CEO Craig Copeland said the charity encouraged fishers to take an active role in caring for their favourite fishing spots.   

“At OzFish, we believe in the power of partnerships and community to drive positive change and this partnership will help deliver significant actions to restore fish habitat in some of Australia’s premier fishing destinations.”

Mr Copeland said.

“The core outcome is healthier waterways and better fishing – it’s as simple as that.”

Reflections Holidays CEO, Nick Baker, said the OzFish partnership would be activated across its 40 holiday parks and camp grounds it manages and the 45 nature reserves it cares for across NSW.

“By leaning on the nous that OzFish has as a leader of fishing conservation in Australia we will be able to make a real difference by not only encouraging anglers to help protect our waterways but also by developing projects in areas that need a helping hand,” Mr Baker said.

The partnership comes as Reflections marks 10 years of operations by revealing a fresh new look that celebrates its adventurous heart and goal of helping guests immerse in nature for life memories.

Reflections will simplify its name from Reflections Holiday Parks to ‘Reflections Holidays’ highlighting a focus on reimagining camping, its passion for helping guests share nature with friends and family, and its commitment to nurturing land in its care.

“One of the things that we’re very clear about is that life’s better outside – that we all feel better, and are better people when we’re outdoors – and that we all need to do our bit to protect and love nature,” Mr Baker said.

“Our new look is a firm vote for all of those things, it’s saying ‘Get back to nature and relax with your friends and families and be part of your community’.

“People know us for our campgrounds in spectacular locations across NSW but may not be aware we are the caretakers of precious community reserves, and that we reinvest profit to maintain our parks and reserves for future generations to enjoy.”

Nick Baker CEO Reflections Holiday Parks

Mr Baker said Reflections parks had injected $121.5 million in economic benefit into the NSW visitor economy in the 12 months to January 31, and invested $18.5m in capital works in parks in the same period, benefiting communities and tourists alike.

“We are different from other holiday parks and want to do things that make a difference for the 2 million visitors we see each year. In turn, we encourage them to be gentle to the environment and support local businesses when they are with us.”

Reflections Chief Marketing Officer, Pete Chapman, said the new identity design was developed in-house, and inspired by people gathering around a campfire to connect and share stories, as well as the ripple effect seen in water when looking at a reflection.

“We’re out to reimagine what a camping company can be. We’re about nature, connection and adventure. We’re more a base camp to explore the natural world than somewhere you might lock yourself away in and enjoy the amusements. We needed that to be obvious in the way we portray ourselves and the initiatives we support – which was the driver for both the new look and this historic partnership.”

he said.


  • Reflections is a Crown Land Manager which reinvests profit into the 40 parks, camping grounds and unique properties it manages in New South Wales.
  • It also cares for 45 nature reserves in regional communities in coastal and regional NSW.
  • It is the largest holiday park group in NSW and the only one in Australia to be a certified social enterprise, and a firm believer that Life’s Better Outside.