Reccys Restoring the Bay

Ozfish launch new project ‘Reccy’s Restoring the Bay” to restore habitat in Port Phillip Bay. 

About the project

Port Phillip Bay is a beloved part of Melbourne and Victoria’s environment and culture. However, over the past 150yrs, aquatic habitats critical to many fish species have been damaged, with some almost entirely lost. Shellfish reefs, mangroves, rocky reef seagrass and saltmarsh have all been impacted over the years, diminishing the many benefits they provide, primarily, habitat for popular target species of recreational fishers.

With over 600,000 recreational fishers enjoying Port Phillip Bay each year, only a small number currently play a role in habitat restoration and management of the Bay. Through engagement and education, “Reccys Restoring the Bay” provides an exciting opportunity for recreational fishers to give back and help restore and safeguard our Bay for future generations.

The project will involve recreational fishers assisting in mapping fish and aquatic habitat issues in the Bay by collecting information about fish habitat using Baited Remote Underwater Video (BRUVs). It will also involve active involvement of recreational fishers in on-ground restoration works targeted at improving fish populations.

Baited Remote Underwater Video units allow an underwater view of fish habitat

Project Funders and Partners 

Funded by the Port Phillip Bay Fund, BCF, the Urquhart Charitable Fund and The Nature Conservancy Australia, the project is being carried out by OzFish Unlimited in partnership with VRFish (Victoria’s Peak body for recreational fishing).

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Want to help restore Port Phillip Bay?

Contact Ozfish Senior Program Manager, Ben Cleveland at  for more information.