Another big year in the world of Habitat Restoration

Another big year in the world of Habitat Restoration

Our 2020/21 Annual Report was just approved, and we are thrilled to be able to share what we have been up to over the last 12 months as we continue in our mission to be a bigger, stronger and more resilient fishing conservation organisation than ever before.

We are propelled by the spirit of mateship and a passion for fishing has been our hallmark of our work. The report includes key moments and projects over the reporting period that reinforce the impact our people, members and volunteers have had to make better habitats for better fishing across Australia.


89 projects delivered or underway: including seagrass planted, shellfish reefs restored, riparian zones replanted, rivers resnagged, fish rescued, habitats mapped, rivers monitored, communities engaged and waterways cleaned through 28,644 hours of volunteer work.

We are very proud of our achievements and are also deeply appreciative to every employee, partner, volunteer, donor, member and supporter of OzFish. It is because of all of you that we are headed into a bright future for fishing.

To all our partners, members and supporters – a BIG Thankyou.

Check out the full report here!