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1000 native trees


3 Hectares of riverbank


280m of fencing


OzFish Unlimited has restored three hectares of the riparian zone along the Nymboida River following the devastating 2019-2020 Black Summer bush fires that burnt throughout the system. FNPW has launched a worldwide appeal Healing our land to help repair the damage inflicted during Australia’s horror bushfire season.

Reclaiming riverbanks for native flora

Removal of Privet, Lantana and other exotic weeds from riverbanks has been undertaken to reduce competition with native plants. Removing the weeds and restoring native vegetation has enhanced the stability of the bank, improved the water quality, reduced the effects of localised drought and increased food sources for native fish in the river.

Reconnecting native corridors

Following this, community planting day events will see volunteers’ plant 1000 native trees and shrubs, which will reconnect native corridors along the riparian banks of Nymboida River creating environmentally safe havens for both aquatic creatures & wildlife.

Community dedication

Volunteers will have erected 280 metres of fencing to exclude stock and protect the regenerated areas and have conducted the engaging educational events by the end of winter 2023.


AUGUST 2023 | Nymboida bushfire recovery gets helping hand as eastern freshwater cod continues to fight back from the brink of extinction

Three years after bushfires, then floods, devastated the Nymboida River, its revival is continuing to gather pace both in and out of the water. And the rejuvenation of the area is not just on land with the endangered eastern freshwater cod also benefiting from the countless hours of hard work that has been put in to help regenerate the region.  The latest boost to habitat on the Nymboida comes from a combination of community grants awarded to the Clarence River Chapter of OzFish Unlimited, Australia’s fishing conservation charity.   

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The project was delivered as part of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife Bushfire Recovery Restoration Program. It has also been supported by the Friends of Koalas (FOK) Lismore, the Biodiversity Doctor Australia and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.