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OzFish Unlimited, Goulburn Murray Water (GMW), North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA), and local anglers are embarking on a vital project to enhance the lake’s habitat. These efforts will ensure the sustainable growth of native fish, mainly the Murray Cod.


A Lake Seeking Help

Lake Eppalock, a captivating man-made reservoir feeds into the Campaspe and Coliban rivers. Initially crafted for irrigation purposes, this serene lake has evolved into a premier destination for aquatic enthusiasts of all kinds. It is are home to  trophy yellow belly, and recent stocking initiatives have elevated it to a hotspot for Murray Cod.

A Collaborative Effort for Better Fish Habitat

In a collaborative effort with esteemed partners such as GMW (Goulburn Murray Water), NCCMA (North Central Catchment Management Authority), and dedicated local anglers we’re embarking on a transformative project. Our mission is to enhance the habitat within the lake system by installing 50 substantial root ball/tree stump structures. These carefully positioned habitats will serve as a crucial piece, fostering optimal conditions for the thriving native fish population, particularly the Murray cod


Empowering Local Expertise and Community Involvement

Driving this impactful initiative is OzFish Campaspe/Loddon chapter. Leveraging extensive local expertise, we are committed to executing essential on-the-ground tasks. From coordinating field days to meticulously removing debris, monitoring and evaluating existing habitats, conducting insightful field surveys, to installing additional habitats – our dedicated team ensures a holistic approach to the success of this habitat restoration program.

Engaging the Community, Inspiring Action

Throughout the project, we are committed to hosting engaging and educational events that keep the community updated on our progress.

Understanding the benefits of woody habitats and discovering ways to join in this initiative will empower the community to contribute to a healthier and thriving aquatic ecosystem. Keep an eye on the OzFish events page to join our upcoming activities.

This ambitious project aims to improve fish habitat and amplify fish populations (with a focus on Murray cod and yellow belly). This will create abundant recreational fishing opportunities for all.

Building a Sustainable Future

Securing the necessary permits, tapping into local wisdom to determine ideal habitat locations, and utilizing funding from the Victorian Government’s Recreational Fishing Licenses, this project stands on a solid foundation.

Together, we envision a future where Lake Eppalock flourishes as a vibrant and sustainable haven for native fish. It’s sure to provide unforgettable fishing experiences for generations.

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This project is made possible by funding support from the Victorian Government to improve recreational fishing in Victoria through revenue from Recreational Fishing Licences and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.