Fish habitat action on Boggy Creek, tributary of the Tuckean Swamp

OzFish Unlimited has partnered with Tregeagle Landcare and private landowners on Boggy Creek, tributary of Tucki Tucki Creek which flows into the far-famed Tuckean Swamp. OzFish are working on several ways to improve native fish habitat in the area, including planting trees on the creek bank.

The project site is about 9 kilometres upstream from Tuckean Swamp near Tregeagle. Weed removal and planting of 3000 native trees along the riverbank has restored Australian Bass and other fish habitat. Funding for the works were provided by BCF – Boating Camping, Fishing and Lismore City Council through their Rural Landholder Initiative.

Energetic and enthusiastic landholders have been the central pivot of success for this project, gathering partnerships between Landcare, OzFish and local Council to gain maximum outcomes for their creek frontage.

With a serious infestation of camphor laurel and other invasive weeds, the native plants along the waterway were being out competed, preventing the natural biodiversity and lacking insect fall for fish. It is thought that the natural toxins in camphor laurel can even be deadly for fish in small streams.

Cassie Price, Director of Habitat Programs with OzFish Unlimited said local partnerships like this one are vital in recovering damaged fish habitat.

“We are delighted to partner with such dedicated local landholders, Tregeagle Landcare and Lismore City Council to improve native fish habitat, especially in the upper catchment of the Tuckean Swamp where we are working to investigate solutions to water quality in the lower catchment too” she said.

The work will help to protect the bank from erosion, filter runoff, increase invertebrate numbers that provide food for fish, and regulate water temperature fluctuations by shading the water.

Landcare NSW CEO, Dr Adrian Zammit said: “It is fantastic to see the partnership between Landcare NSW and OzFish Unlimited empowering local communities across NSW to improve their local waterways.

“The partnership really focuses on on-ground works to improve the health of habitats in local rivers, enabling OzFish chapters and local Landcare groups to work together to deliver river restoration projects just like the Boggy Creek project.”

OzFish Unlimited CEO Craig Copeland said Richmond River OzFish Chapter members are dedicated to supporting local projects that improve recreational fishing habitat and further projects like this can receive support from OzFish major partner BCF – Boating Camping Fishing.

“Our fishers are keen to volunteer their time to improve fishing in their local Richmond River,” Mr Copeland said.

“We’d like to thank Tregeagle Landcare for connecting us with locals who provided us that opportunity.

“There is always more to be done and we’re calling on local fishers to get involved in the newly established Richmond River OzFish Chapter. This will support your local fish and fishing for future generations.


The project was made possible by the OzFish Landcare NSW partnership through the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust. OzFish is Australia’s only fishing conservation charity, with support from their major partner BCF – Boating, Camping Fishing.