In the News: OzFish and Landcare NSW launch new Partnership

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW are joining forces to drive collaboration across New South Wales that will empower local community members to improve Australia’s land and water habitats.

Focusing on on-the-ground works to improve the health of fish habitats in their local rivers, the project partnership will enable OzFish chapters and local Landcare groups to work together to deliver river restoration projects.

Landcare NSW CEO, Dr Adrian Zammit, said the partnership will provide additional support for Landcare groups to continue their work with river catchments and waterways across NSW and collaborate with local OzFish chapters to improve their local aquatic habitats.

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW Local and State representatives at the launch of the partnership in Dubbo

“We are thrilled to be partnering with OzFish to support the important work both organisations are doing to improve the health and sustainability of our most precious resource, water,” Dr Zammit said.

Director of Habitat Programs for OzFish, Cassie Price, said the project partnership will harness the power of the two grassroots, community led, organisations to develop programs that would improve the health of local river systems and fish habitats.

“Community Non-Government Organisations such as OzFish and Landcare NSW working together is incredibly powerful. Through this partnership we will be able to work across the scope of our expertise in land and water to greatly benefit the environment across the different landscapes of NSW. Not only will that benefit fish, but as importantly, whole towns and communities.

Cassie Price, Director of Habitat OzFish Unlimited and Dr Adrian Zammit, CEO Landcare NSW in Dubbo

“Native fish in parts of the Murray Darling Basin will soon have more areas to rest, shelter and breed and the landscapes along our waterways will continue to improve with our united efforts,” said Ms Price.

OzFish Unlimited and Landcare NSW Project Partnership is funded by the Department of Primary Industries and BCF – Boating, Camping and Fishing.