More Shellfish Means More Fish Thanks to OzFish and BCF

A huge congratulations to OzFish’s senior project manager Dr Ben Diggles and our OzFish volunteers for their extraordinary work in helping to restore the lost shellfish reefs in the waters of Pumicestone Passage off Bribie Island in south-east QLD!

Ben pioneered Australia’s first community oyster gardening program and QLD’s first oyster recycling centre. This week his efforts paid off when the shell reefs were deployed, along with a biodegradable reef made from potato starch – designed in the Netherlands and trialled for the first time in Australia. The reefs will improve fish habitat, water quality and marine biodiversity; helping Australia’s most fished-for species like snapper, bream, tarwhine and mulloway thrive. OzFish and BCF are proud to support this community-driven habitat project and to work with local community groups, Indigenous representatives and all levels of government. From the OzFish family, well done Dr Diggles! We are thrilled to have you on board.