500 Native Trees


1ha of Riverbank

cleared of rubbish

Over 70 hours


The Wambuul Macquarie River has become heavily degraded thanks to floods, erosion, and rubbish. Thanks to funding from the Central West Local Land Services, the community has come together to breathe new life into the riparian zones of Wellington and Dubbo. It has also been supported by OzFish, who worked with volunteers from Western Paddlers, NSW, and Dubbo Rivercare to ensure this project could heal the river’s ecosystem.

Challenges and the Path Forward

The sections of the river in Wellington and Dubbo have not been immune to nature’s wrath, having witnessed numerous floods in 2022. These natural events have exacerbated the degradation, eroded the riverbanks, and displaced native vegetation. Moreover, the accumulation of flood-borne rubbish poses additional challenges. However, with the backing of Central West Local Land Services, the project is well-equipped to navigate these hurdles and make significant strides in revitalising the Wambuul-Macquarie River.

Revitalisation Efforts

The project planted 500 native trees and shrubs over a 1-hectare stretch along the river’s banks. This initiative aims to restore the natural habitat, offering a sanctuary for the river’s endemic flora and fauna. Complementing this green endeavour is the meticulous collection of rubbish and litter scattered along another 1-hectare segment of the Wambuul Macquarie River. These two critical steps are helping to reinstate the pristine beauty of these waters.

Community Engagement and Education

A litter workshop will also be conducted to foster a sustainable relationship between the community and the river. This educational initiative is designed to engage the community in hands-on conservation efforts and gather valuable data contributing to the state-wide litter database, aiding in broader environmental research and policy formulation.

Collaborative Conservation

This revitalisation project is a testament to community spirit and collaboration. Volunteers from Western Paddlers NSW and Dubbo Rivercare are at the forefront, dedicating their time and effort to the cause. Their involvement underscores the project’s ethos – collective action for environmental restoration.

The Wambuul Macquarie revitalisation project is more than just a conservation effort; it calls for community action and a step towards environmental stewardship. The project aspires to restore the river’s ecological balance through collective will and persistent efforts, ensuring that the Wambuul Macquarie remains a thriving haven for native species and a cherished natural resource for future generations.

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This projected was funded by Central West Local Land Services supported by the local recreational angling community and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.