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OzFish Richmond Chapter is working to reduce erosion, improve water quality and support native fish, including Australian bass in Skinners Creek.

Community planting day hosted

More than 4,000 native trees and shrubs planted

Two hectares of invasive weeds removed



Supporting native fish both in and around the waterway

Skinners Creek flows west from Newrybar to join Pearces Creek, which flows into the Wilson River at Booyong. The 1.5 kilometre portion of Skinners Creek within this project area provides good instream fish habitat – clear water, diverse structure, and native aquatic vegetation. 

However, the riparian zone along its banks are dominated by invasive weeds, particularly camphor laurels. 



The creek is home to native fish species, including Australian bass and was historically a stretch of river known to have eastern freshwater cod present. 

Removing the invasive weeds and restoring native vegetation will provide those fish with an important source of shade and food, due to the insects which fall from overhanging branches into the water. 

OzFish volunteers are engaged to undertake weed eradication, native vegetation planting, and installing cattle exclusion fencing to prevent livestock damaging the new trees and the creek’s banks.

This will deliver 1.5 kilometres of restored riparian zone along Skinners Creek. Restoring this habitat is vital to improving the fishery, providing anglers with more fishing opportunities while contributing to the overall health of the river and the range of species that it supports. 

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The project is funded by NSW Recreational Fishing Trust’s Habitat Action Grants and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.