The project has been made possible thanks to the generous contribution by Inland Waterways OzFish through the Lake Burrendong Easter Fishing Classic.

What’s a River Repair Bus?

Our River Repair Buses and crew carry out important habitat restoration work on not only rivers but creeks, lakes, billabongs and wetlands to help out native fish thrive.

From weed removal to litter clean ups to planting days, our crew are always hard at work. Participants in the program get to upskill whilst making a positive impact on their local environment and our fish have never been happier.

To get involved, contact the Inland Waterways OzFish Chapter today!

Learning new skills

Those on the River Repair Bus get a chance to learn about riparian vegetation replenishment and management, river ecology and sustainability.

Participants have the opportunity to learn and build on existing skills to assist them in gaining employment such as teamwork, communication and basic horticultural management.

The bus and the program are a fantastic way to support the community so that they can support their local waterways.

How it all started

The idea of the River Repair Bus was born when a call to action went out to address the cities’ river litter crisis.  At this point, the Devil’s Hole Reserve was choked with rubbish after heavy rainfall.

Inland Waterways OzFish organised a clean-up effort attracting volunteers from across the city.  That short-term fix gained great support but it was clear longer-term solutions were needed to be put in place – sparking the concept of a River Repair Bus.

It wasn’t before long that the crew got planting and the rest is history.

On the Road with Dubbo's River Repair Bus

? REPAIRING OUR RIVER ?Mattresses, firearms, trailers… David Harris has seen it all.Each day 'Harro' and his mates from the Inland Waterways Ozfish River Repair Bus drive along the banks of Macquarie River and clean it up.To date they've collected a whopping 400 trailer-loads worth of rubbish.What's more, they've planted more than 7000 trees and cleared countless noxious weeds.There's no doubt these guys are local heroes.

Posted by ABC Western Plains on Tuesday, 11 February 2020

River Repair Bus – Trees Planted

To commemorate our new partnership with @Landcare NSW today, we planted native trees along the Macquarie River, Dubbo NSW. That takes the tally of trees for fish planted by our River Repair Bus to a whopping 7351!! Great work Inland Waterways OzFish – Full On Fishing Dubbo!!With thanks to BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing for making it possible!

Posted by OzFish Unlimited on Wednesday, 31 July 2019

What’s the story so far?

The River Repair Bus team have

• Planted over 7,500 trees
• Collected 400 trailers of rubbish
• Supported at least 20 participants into full-time employment

“The best part of the job, which cannot really be scribed, is simply seeing people’s faces and that sense of accomplishment you get when you work alongside them.” River Repair Bus Team Leader

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23 JUNE 2020 | Ozfish River Repair Bus Future Secure

River Repair Bus has been given a lifeline in funding from Dubbo Regional Council, thanks to a $40,000 funding agreement. The funding would ensure the fantastic work from staff and volunteers would be able to continue, according to Councillor Dayne Gumley and he said that was why he had made it a priority to ensure Council provided the essential support. “I’m over the moon that the River Repair Bus will continue to operate while at the same time working collaboratively with the Council to achieve real and practical outcomes with our river,” Councillor Gumley said.

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