OzFish’s work at Karingal Reserve is an excellent example of the Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Program. The stabilisation of a significant portion of riverbank and delivery of a community planting day is creating a lasting legacy.

1509 native trees

and shrubs planted

1km riparian fence


1 community event


Restoring native vegetation, combatting erosion and engaging local communities  

Dogwood Creek is part of the Condamine-Balonne rivers catchment, which in turn is one of the largest catchments in the Murray-Darling Basin. Two-thirds of the catchment is flat floodplain country with a complex system of rivers and creeks, presenting a number of challenges linked to habitat. 

The removal of native vegetation over the years has contributed to riverbanks suffering from erosion and sediment runoff affecting water quality in the area. 

Eroding banks cause significant negative impacts on fish habitat, including removing overhanging vegetation that provides food and shade for fish in the river. The sediment they create also smothers snags and shelter spots, as well as causing water quality issues downstream. 

OzFish and our team of volunteers planted more than 1,500 native trees and shrubs, with 33 volunteers delivering more than 135 volunteer hours.

Local contractors also installed a one kilometre long riparian fence to protect the vegetation zone from livestock.

Engaging and educating the local community about the importance of habitat restoration has been the key to this success story. Now the restored riverbanks will assist with creating a healthier future for aquatic species and for recreational anglers.

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Dogwood Creek Boosted By native Habitat Restoration

Recently, OzFish delivered a significant boost to Dogwood Creek, returning native vegetation to its banks to enhance the waterway for native fish and encouraging local fishers to become waterway stewards. The project is part of the Australian Government’s Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Program, which aims to improve the health and condition of rivers and wetlands across the Murray-Darling Basin. Our volunteers, alongside members of the Miles District Fishing and Recreation Club, planted more than 1,500 native trees and shrubs. Supported by local contractors they also installed one kilometre of protective fencing to ensure the restored vegetation is not damaged by livestock.

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This project is funded by the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program. The Healthy Rivers Program is funding community-led grants for on-ground projects that improve the health and ecological condition of rivers and wetlands across the Basin, while supporting economic development and jobs. The project is also supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing and the local recreational angling community.