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1,250 trees

and shrubs planted

6,000 sq m 

of riparian habitat restored

55 volunteer 

hour donated to the project

Native tree planting for Aussie bass

The Coomera River near Barrs Scrub is an extremely important bass habitat as it is one of the few places they can be found on the Gold Coast.

Planting the riverbanks helps fish in many ways, from shade, roots to hide in, insects that fall into the water, future snags and providing trees that filter the waters that run off urban landscapes before it reach the streams.



From weed wasteland to native sanctuary

Weeds have infested this area making it impossible for new trees to naturally breed and grow. That’s why OzFish Gold Coast chapter volunteers have cleared these weeds and have planted 1,250 plants, ensuring this important habitat will be healthy for generations of fish and fishers.

This project has been made possible through support and funding from Queensland Government Recreational Fishing Grants Program.