BCF and OzFish scoop big win for best industry partnership

BCF and OzFish were awarded the Best Partnership Award at the 10th World Recreational Fishing Conference held in Melbourne last week.

In front of an audience of more than 350 guests from 21 countries, the two organisations were recognised for their extraordinary collaboration and dedication to the recreational fishing industry.

BCF has partnered with OzFish since 2017, driven by a desire to ensure recreational fishing in Australia thrives far into the future by ensuring fish habitat is prioritised.

BCF provide funding and logistical support to OzFish’s work while also raising awareness of habitat issues by its customers. Together, they have engaged and empowered recreational fishers to invest time and energy into habitat restoration, litter reduction, and endangered species management, as well as urgent drought, fire and flood responses.

Craig Copeland, Founder and CEO of OzFish, acknowledged the instrumental role BCF and its customers play in ensuring OzFish is delivering fish habitat restoration across the country.

“BCF are the single biggest contributor to fish habitat restoration in Australia. No other organisation contributes what they do and I am very thrilled it is finally recognised on the world stage,” said Craig.

“We’re proud to have such a collaborative partnership and I’d like to thank all BCF staff and customers for their contribution. This award is in recognition of what we are achieving together,” said Craig.

Paul Bradshaw, BCF Manager Director echoed the importance of the partnership.

‘We have a truly special partnership with OzFish, and it is an honour to be recognised on the world stage for our ongoing collaboration with them. This award is not only a recognition of our joint work but is a stamp of approval that we are doing the right thing for our customers and for the fishing community in general.

“Our relationship is underpinned by a shared passion for a better fishing future, and we believe there is no one more capable than delivering vital habitat restoration than OzFish and their army of volunteers. We will continue to support OzFish on their journey and are eager to strengthen the ties between BCF and OzFish even further in the coming years.’

“OzFish are sustainability trailblazers. When you consider how much the recreational fishing sector will benefit from investing in habitat restoration, how many fish are being returned to the ecosystems, you begin to understand the impact this partnership will have on the sustainability of fishing,” said Paul.  

During the last year, the partnership has delivered habitat restoration activities on more than 150 waterways. This includes the country’s largest community-led seagrass restoration initiative and the pioneering work on the largest community-driven shellfish reef restoration project in Australian waters in Moreton Bay Queensland.