Maui Jim Sunglasses to support OzFish in protecting fish habitat across Australia 

Maui Jim Sunglasses to support OzFish in protecting fish habitat across Australia 

OzFish Unlimited’s goal to restore fish habitat across Australia just got some added protection thanks to a freshly-inked partnership with global eyewear brand, Maui Jim.  

As a manufacturer of high-quality polarised eyewear, Maui Jim have been the leading name in premium sunglasses for over thirty years. 

Already partnering with numerous charities around the world, Maui Jim was looking to extend the network of community organisations they support and were after an Aussie-based conservation movement to add to their ranks. The OzFish mantra resonated to empower Aussie anglers to get out and look after their waterways.  

OzFish Project Officer wearing his Maui Jims on the field

The partnership will see Maui Jim support a variety of OzFish’s habitat programs across Australia. Craig Copeland, OzFish CEO says that the partnership marks yet another chance for OzFish to expand their audience and scale-out habitat restoration projects.  

“Whilst we rely on our volunteers to be the eyes on the ground and bring our projects to life, it’s corporate support from organisations like Maui Jim that allow us to scale these projects to be some of the leading programs in the country. 

“It is also fitting that Maui Jim provide a product that our habitat officers and volunteers can utilise out in the field. Whether it’s sun protection, or searching for fish and habitat in the water, I am confident Maui Jim is a well-suited partner to join the OzFish ranks,” said Craig. 

Nathan Fisher, Director of Marketing at Maui Jim Sunglasses (APAC/MEA), says that the eyewear brand is excited about the impact OzFish can make in waterways across Australia.  

“Knowing that we can contribute to bettering the environment we love and rely upon, amplifies our commitment to OzFish and its invaluable team of volunteers. Our PolarizedPlus2® colour enhancing lens technology will allow the volunteers to see through the harsh glare on the surface of the water, enabling them to better assess the job at hand and protect their eyes from damaging UV and Blue Light. We couldn’t be more excited to kick start the partnership in 2022.”, said Nathan.

OzFish Program Manager wearing his Maui Jims on Clean Up Australia Day

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