Gearing up for an Aussie Bass this Summer

Gearing up for an Aussie Bass this Summer

As the summer months begin to roll in, and the holidays loom closer – it’s time to start thinking about those species you want to target.

Whether it be bream in the snags, mulloway off the beach, or bass in the rivers, there is something for everyone to have a crack at this Christmas break.

For Jonathon Bleakley and Tre Carson, two OzFishers who live and breathe fishing, their time will be spent walking the banks of the freshwater rivers and creeks on the mid north coast of NSW in search of the Aussie bass.

A fish renowned for its aggressive strike and hard-fishing tendencies, there is little more an angler can want in their target species – and that’s without mentioning the places they take you.

Often found in hidden-away and hard to get places, the Aussie bass is the ultimate summer sport fish.

Recently the lads hit the banks of the Nymboida River to chance their luck on catching one, with nothing more than a rod and small backpack to keep them going.

Find out what they take when gearing up for a bass this summer.


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