Southeast Queensland recreational anglers asked to look after their tackle 

Southeast Queensland recreational anglers asked to look after their tackle 

OzFish Unlimited, in partnership with the Tangaroa Blue Foundation, are today calling on Queensland rec fishers to look after their tackle in a bid to reduce fishing litter in local waterways with more ways to get involved.

The ReefClean Look After Your Tackle campaign has seen some of Australia’s finest fishing influencers challenge each other to tie the fastest FG knot, and now the focus is on anglers within Southeast Queensland to get onboard.  

The campaign aims to ensure that recreational fishers within the region are making sure their hooks, lures and sinkers stay well attached to their mainline by tying a solid knot.  

Cassie Price, Director of Habitat Programs at OzFish Unlimited, said that as stewards of our waterways, we all have a responsibility to make sure fishing tackle isn’t unnecessary getting left behind. 

“Snags and big fish are inevitable in fishing, but one simple way we can help reduce lost gear is to be better at knot tying”, said Cassie.  

“If you’ve ever known the frustration of losing a fish or a favourite lure because your knot has unravelled, you’ll know where I’m coming from here,” said Ms Price.  

With the campaign now receiving support from the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action grant to expand the program there’s a raft of new ways local fishers can get involved which includes litter prevention and recycling. 

Heidi Tait, CEO of Tangaroa Blue says that the expansion of Rig Recycle initiative in BCF stores across Queensland will be vital for those who want to get rid of used or unwanted tackle.  

“We are working towards getting the Rig Recycle bin in every BCF store between Bundaberg and Burleigh Heads. This will provide fishers with a place they can take their old fishing gear to be recycled into new gear or upcycled and given a new life,” said Heidi.   

Another new option for anglers is to request a tangle bin nearby their local fishing haunt, which will allow a place for fishing tackle and such as line, bait bags and soft plastics to be picked up and kept out of our waterways.  

“Not every great fishing spot is going to have access to a public bin, so it is up to rec fishers to request a bin for their area to ensure their rubbish does not end up in the water,” said Cassie. 

Rig Recycle is a ReefClean initiative and partnership of OzFish and Tangaroa Blue.

To kick start the program, OzFish is putting the call out for anglers to get involved! It’s never too late to give back to the sport we all love. 


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