Summertime cod chase in South Australia 

Summertime cod chase in South Australia 

Some of the finest fishos will forever argue over the best locations to snag our iconic Murray cod.

Our most beloved freshwater fish has earnt the reputation of the ultimate freshwater challenge with their fight and tenacity in the water, and there is no doubt that South Australia is always on the bucket list of must-fish spots.

OzFish Wagga Chapter President, Grant, recently made the trip down (his forth over the years) to some of the finest Murray cod fishing SA has to offer with a few mates, and it more than paid off.

Their most recent adventure was in February 2021, and it did not disappoint the crew. 

This unforgettable trip welcomed one of the team into the meter club and over five days of top conditions they landed six Murray cod in total, from 78cm through to an impressive 121cm. All six were hooked using 130 White Crow lures, five while trolling and the other casting.  

These lures also proved effective for the golden perch (Callop if you’re a true South Aussie), landing and releasing nearly 50 which kept everyone excited.  

Murray cod are a threatened species and in South Australia, they are completely protected throughout their breeding season, whereas catch-and-release fishing is permitted from January through to the end of July. In South Australia youre not permitted to lift or remove Murray cod from the water. So when the crew were lucky enough to catch one, these OzFishers ensured it remained in the water while they unhooked and released it.  

There are ways you can also ensure minimal impact when targeting the impressive Murray codWe recommend using barbless hooks or trebles and heavy line. You’ll also notice these brag shots from Grant and his friends are all taken in the water. Sometimes getting in the water to do everything possible to protect this majestic fish is a good idea.

Luckily for Grant and his mates, this years’ trip was in the summer, so getting the photo evidence of his catch wasn’t as uncomfortable as other trips he’s been on, during the cooler months, in close to freezing conditions. 

This OzFish crew used a large round eco or fish friendly style rubber net, these cause less stress and damage to your catchThey also demonstrated the important method to support Murray cod without touching the fins and gills and your hook or lure should be removed with pliers.

By following the example of these OzFisherswe can help ensure that there are more of these iconic fish around for the next angler to enjoy the thrill. Each state in Australia has different Murray cod handling laws so it’s best to get familiar before your trip and check out your state fisheries website. 

Landing some impressive cod isn’t the only good news in this story. One of Grant’s mates also rescued a 130cm monster cod that was struggling in the shallows. He patiently waded into the shallows netting the distressed fish and guided it out into deeper water to recoverMore than thirty minutes was spent patiently reviving the cod and it swam off strongly to live another day.   

The Murray cod is an awesome Australian freshwater fish deserving of our respect and we need everyone to ensure the species continues to recover and thrive.  

Join the new generation of recreational fishos by becoming a member of OzFish. Help protect and restore the places you love to fish and have more opportunities to enjoy the thrill of catching these beauties.  

Interested to see more? take a watch of the video Grant put together. *Warning for those with littles that there is some language so the sound is best down!*