Tree planting restores fish habitat along Nicholson River

Tree planting restores fish habitat along Nicholson River

A band of dedicated recreational fishers we will be out planting trees and shrubs along the Nicholson River to restore fish habitat on Saturday 26 October.

Some 1,500 trees and shrubs will be planted by an expected 30 community volunteers.

OzFish East Gippsland Chapter president Peter Stephens urged any interested locals to get involved.

“The day is all about restoring vegetation along a stretch of the river that helps the fish – particularly black bream that need good cover to thrive,” he said.

“The project has been five months in the planning with seedlings propagated from local shrubs to ensure they will be best suited to the local area.”

Fishing equipment powerhouse SHIMANO has funded the work that is being managed and organised by OzFish Unlimited to ensure native fish not only survive but thrive in the river.

Black bream are popular with recreational fishers and complete their life cycle in our rivers and estuaries. They can cope with salinity and temperature changes that would kill many other species. However, they are still ultimately reliant on healthy rivers for survival.

Volunteers are asked to bring sun smart gear, covered shoes, gloves, water and a shovel if you have one and gumboots if preferred. Volunteers are required from 8am and will finish when all seedlings are planted.  All volunteers will be treated to a free lunch.

If you are interested in attending, please get in touch with OzFish Chapter President Peter Stephens on 0418516112. Volunteers are encouraged to park and gather at the Nicholson Primary School which is a short distance to the planting site.