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Tangle Bins make it easy to dispose of your unwanted tackle and keep your favourite fishing spots clean and safe.

Projects like this are not possible without the help of dedicated volunteers. They regularly collect the contents of the bins and perform an audit, uploading the data to the OzFish database.


The bins were first launched in 2019 throughout South East Queensland, with the Northern Territory rolling out its own Tangle Bin program at the end of 2023.


Northern Territory
Tangle Bins Northern Territory
Tangle Bins Northern Territory

Following the success of Tangle Bins in Queensland, OzFish and the Amateur Fishermen’s Association NT (AFANT) will be installing 8 tangle bins at popular fishing locations across Darwin and Palmerston.

Gold Coast
Tangle Bins Gold Coast
Tangle Bins Gold Coast

Tangle bins have been installed in South East Queensland since 2019, now with 43 tangle bins located throughout Gold Coast waterways. This has seen more than 130 km of fishing line collected and recycled.


Recreational fishers understand that keeping their fishing spots tidy and free of lost and littered fishing lines, tackle and plastic will help preserve their fishing spots and the local wildlife.

OzFish enables recreational fishers to actively take control of our waterways by providing them the opportunity to request bins at popular fishing spots, and even get involved in emptying and auditing the contents.



Tangle Bins give fishers the ability to do the right thing and put their discarded tackle and washed out bait-bags into a purpose build bin located close to their favourite fishing spots.

They also provide much needed fishing line disposal infrastructure, increasing the drive for recreational fishers and the wider community to pick up and throw away fishing litter, that could otherwise end up in our waterways.

If you are interested in installing a tangle bin close to your favourite fishing spot, email OzFish at info@ozfish.org.au or call on 1800 431 308.

This initiative will not be possible without the support of the following organisations: