5 sites

across Crooked Creek

450 pieces

of native vegetation planted across Crooked Creek

150 pieces

of native vegetation planted across Stringybark Creek

Lake Albert

OzFish Wagga Chapter and Landcare NSW volunteers are taking action to repair Lake Albert by improving fish habitat and assisting with reducing future erosion and sediment issues.

Recent flash flooding has severely eroded sections of the inlet creeks causing water quality, turbidity, and sedimentation issues within Lake Albert.

Trees for Fish

The trees will create shade, shore up the bank from erosion and provide fish food by way of insect fall. Over time they will help to filter water, shade out weeds, and make future homes and habitats for native fish.

Fish rely on riparian vegetation for bank stabilisation, run-off water filtration, good water quality, water temperature regulation, shelter habitat provisionand as a key food source 

Riparian areas play an incredibly important role when it comes to filtering the water entering our waterways. Sometimes referred to as biofilters, riparian areas are superstars when it comes to removing pollutants, excess nutrients, and sediment from water running off the land.  

Latest News

JULY 2021 | Lake Albert gets planting trees for fish

Some 600  native seedlings are set to breathe new life into the banks of Lake Albert thanks to the efforts of  OzFish  volunteers, Murrumbidgee Landcare and passionate community members. Last Saturday, over 35 volunteers braved the cold on the banks of Lake Albert in a bid to improve the fish habitat for better fishing in the region.   Volunteers focused their attention on the inlet creek and which saw the planting completed in under 90 minutes. Braeden Lampard, Project Manager at OzFish Unlimited, says that the day was a huge success.  

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1 JUNE 2021 | Water quality at Lake Albert set for much-needed boost as local anglers take action

A new stock of native grasses and shrubs are set to hit the banks of Lake Albert as volunteers from the OzFish Wagga Chapter and Murrumbidgee Landcare come together for a community planting day on Saturday 19 June. The restoration will give the native fish a boost, improving water quality in Lake Albert. Volunteers will be meeting at Lake Street boat ramp at 9:00am at Lake Albert and planting 600 native vegetation where Crooked Creek meets the lake. Braeden Lampard, OzFish Project Manager for the Murray-Darling Basin says by planting native grasses and shrubs in the catchment,...

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This project was made possible by the OzFish-Landcare NSW partnership with funding support from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts.

Thanks to the OzFish Landcare NSW partnership, there are now more much-needed fish habitat projects underway across New South Wales

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