2000 native trees


2km of riverbank


over 150 hours


The project is being delivered as part of the Australian Government’s Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Program, which aims to improve the health and condition of rivers and wetlands across the Basin. It has also been supported by the OzFish-Landcare partnership through the work with Tamworth Regional Landcare Network and the OzFish Tamworth Chapter.

OzFish’s work at Goonoo Goonoo Creek is an excellent example of the Murray-Darling Healthy Rivers Program and the OzFish Landcare NSW partnership. Removal of weeds and planting of new flora is improving the health of the Gwydir and Castlereagh catchments, creating many benefits for fish and the area.

Saving native fish, reducing erosion and mitigating drought

The OzFish volunteers’ work is delivering a wide range of benefits to the Creek, surrounding areas and local community. The volunteers have undertaken more than 150 hours of work and the positive impact is already clear to see.

The invasive weeds had displaced native flora and made the creek incapable of supporting native fish habitat, as well as preventing access to the waterway for recreational anglers.



Removing the weeds and restoring native vegetation has enhanced the stability of the bank, improved the water quality, reduced the effects of localised drought and increased food sources for native fish in the Creek. All of these factors secure the long-term viability of native fish populations.

OzFish has also run three community engagement events in the area. These have strengthened ties with the local community, provided further knowledge about the Creek, and increased the sense of involvement in and stewardship of the long-term environmental condition of the Creek within the community.

This project is funded by the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program. The Healthy Rivers Program is funding community-led grants for on-ground projects that improve the health and ecological condition of rivers and wetlands across the Basin, while supporting economic development and jobs. The project is also supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing and the local recreational angling community. Elements of the project are also being delivered in partnership with Landcare NSW through the OzFish Landcare Partnership Driving Fish Habitat Action.