OzFish Richmond Chapter is working with Boat Harbour Landcare, to reduce erosion and improve water quality along Coopers Creek. This will support native fish species, wildlife and vegetation.

Community planting day to be hosted

400 native trees and shrubs to be planted

350 metres of riverbank to be restored



Acting now to prevent a problem spreading

OzFish Richmond Chapter and Boat Harbour Landcare are working together to act now to address the problem of invasive weeds along the banks of Wilsons River. 



The presence of the invasive weeds has made it difficult for native species to grow, resulting in heavy erosion of the riverbanks and topsoil entering the waterway. This reduces the water quality and negatively impacts fish and other wildlife in the river.




Removing the weeds now, before the erosion becomes worse, and replacing them with native trees and shrubs means a healthy habitat can be restored. 

OzFish and Landcare NSW will be hosting a community planting day to return 400 native trees and shrubs to the area.



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The project is part of OzFish’s Driving Fish Habitat Action partnership with Landcare NSW, with funding support from Recreational Fishing Trusts, Lismore City Council and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.