Work commenced at the Warren Reservoir in 2021 and each new project plays a vital role in the lifecycle of native fish.

Warren Reservoir 2022
Warren Reservoir 2022

Building on the success of 2021’s activity, volunteers from OzFish Barossa Chapter spearheaded the installation of further habitat structures made of large eucalyptus logs, brush piles and limestone blocks.

Warren Reservoir 2021
Warren Reservoir 2021

In a first-of-its-kind initiative for South Australia, OzFish partnered with SA Water to introduce native fish homes in an off-line government reservoir. These homes will provide shelter for the iconic Murray Cod.

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Building shelter for fiesty fish

When reservoirs like the Warren were built they were mostly scoured of any trees or submerged habitat, leaving behind an underwater wasteland. Fish, like all animals need shelter, and a place to breed and feed. 

Murray cod are vigorously territorial and will actively fight each other for habitat. So, when recreational fishers began noticing the Murray cod had been increasingly showing skin lesions consistent with fighting, it raised the question: what can we do about it? 

The answer… for Murray cod and other native fish in the reservoir. 


Why is structure so important to native fish?

Native fish species, such as Murray cod and golden perch, rely on habitat structures for protection from predators, shelter from the sun, to attract prey, and to provide a safe place to breed. 

Murray cod will use them to rest in during the day and anything that’s interesting that swims past they will ambush as part of their natural feeding behavior. 

This habitat supports more large fish, which in turn creates habitat for smaller fish. This increases native fish species biodiversity and reduces numbers of pest species.  

The habitats we have been installing in Warren Reservoir are made of a mix of materials, including eucalyptus branches, terracotta pots, brush piles, and limestone blocks. These provide a maze of nooks and crannies for native fish. 




NOV 15 2022 | Additional new homes for native fish in South Australia

We’re pleased to have delivered further homes for native fish, including Murray cod, in Warren Reservoir. This builds on our earlier work at the reservoir, which was a first-of-its-kind project for South Australia, in 2021. Once again, we’ve been supported with funding from SA Water in delivering this important habitat activity.

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JUNE 10 2021 | Cod Lodges Provide Luxury Homes For Iconic Fish In SA

In a first-of-its-kind initiative for South Australia, Australia’s fishing conversation charity OzFish Unlimited partnered with SA Water to introduce native fish homes into the Warren Reservoir. Delivered in February 2021, these homes will provide shelter and potential breeding grounds for the iconic Murray cod. The aptly named ‘Cod Lodges’ consisting of terracotta pots and limestone reef blocks were installed in the SA Water-managed Warren Reservoir near Williamstown to provide refuge for Murray cod. With the help of local businesses, Bennetts Pottery Magill and Chamo’s Lure’s, the limestone blocks were supplied and cleaned by local OzFish Barossa Chapter members and volunteers.

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