OzFish is working with Northern Slopes Landcare Association, Northwest Local Land Services and Upper Horton Sporting Club, to rebuild native fish numbers and create a healthier habitat for the Regent Honeyeater. 

3.5 hectares

of river frontage restored

500 native trees


170 hours


Collaborating to help native fish and endangered wildlife 

The Horton River forms part of the Barwon catchment within the Murray-Darling Basin. It is one of the last remaining havens of unrestricted fish travel in Australia – with no dams, weirs, or crossings to impede fish migration. 

To further assist native fish to find food, shelter and mates, OzFish has been working together with Landcare NSW and other partners to establish thriving woody habitats along the river’s length.


The replanting of native trees and plants, including Lomandra, Casuarinas, Acacia, and Eucalyptus, brings many benefits to the river and wildlife. 

Recent drought and flood events have led to loss of vegetation and erosion of the riverbanks. The native trees planted will help to stabilise the riverbanks and improve the water quality by trapping sediment before it enters the river. 

The trees will also provide a source of food and shade for fish in the river and support other animals such as the platypus and endangered Regent Honeyeater. 

Interpretative signage has also been installed at the site, helping to educate people about the role they have to play in protecting the river and ensuring it stays a healthy and vibrant location for wildlife and the local community. 

OzFish and National Landcare Network combine for habitat restoration

Two leading community-driven organisations have signed an agreement to work together to better deliver scaled-up habitat restoration projects across Australia. OzFish, Australia’s recreational fishing conservation charity, and the National Landcare Network, the peak body for Community Landcare across the country, will identify opportunities to combine forces and deliver large-scale impactful restoration work.

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Working together to create healthy habitats

Many hands make light work. Those hands when motivated by a shared goal and passion can achieve great things. That’s certainly true of our partnership with Landcare in NSW. By working together, OzFish and Landcare NSW are making a positive difference to habitat restoration.

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The project is part of OzFish’s Driving Fish Habitat Action partnership with Landcare NSW, with funding support from Recreational Fishing Trusts, Northwest Local land service and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing. 

Thanks to the OzFish Landcare NSW partnership, there are now more much-needed fish habitat projects underway across New South Wales

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