Caring for the Peel

OzFish Northwest Chapter worked alongside Tamworth Regional Landcare Association to replant the western bank of the Peel River from Jewry St Bridge to beginning of Wallamore Annabranch.

Weeds galore were removed and 1800+ native trees were planted in their place. The area encompasses Jewry St weir and kayak launch area and confluence of Barnes Gully and Peel river. An area much loved by locals, especially rec fishers. The Peel River has known populations of threatened species such as eel tailed catfish, silver perch, Murray cod and popular rec fishing species golden perch.

The fish will soon be enjoying clearer water, more shade and more insects falling for their lunch. Better habitat, better fishing!

Happy fish

Projects like this are key for revitalising our native fisheries. Historic land clearing along river banks has led to a whole range of problems such as erosion and sedimentation.

Riparian areas play an incredibly important role when it comes to filtering the water entering our waterways. Sometimes referred to as biofilters, riparian areas are superstars when it comes to removing pollutants, excess nutrients, and sediment from water running off the land.  

You can learn more about the importance of riparian vegetation for fish in our Unpack Habitat.

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OzFish Has Teamed Up With Landcare NSW To Create A Shade Corridor For Fish

The OzFish Northwest Chapter, in Tamworth NSW, is set to embark on one of the biggest projects in its eight-year history by planting more than 2,000 native trees and plants along a two-kilometer stretch of their local creek frontage.

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This project was made possible by the OzFish-Landcare NSW partnership with funding support from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts.

Thanks to the OzFish Landcare NSW partnership, there are now more much-needed fish habitat projects underway across New South Wales

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