Invasive species

to be removed

Native vegetation

to be planted

Community Workshops

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Minimising our impact on native fish and the environment

OzFish Hawkesbury Nepean Chapter, Wallacia progress Association, Penrith City Council and the Hawkesbury Nepean Landcare Network aim to restore a popular section of the Nepean riverbank in Wallacia and hold a responsible fishing event to educate participants on eco-friendly fishing practices.

Riverbank restoration

Situated within Fowlers Reserve, the restoration site is the first river access point south of Penrith, a popular spot among local anglers. Currently, invasive shrubs and vines are harming mature remanent native plants and inhibiting the regeneration of native species. Removal of these invasive plants, combined with replanting natives, will help revive the site and support local wildlife and fish.   

Targeted invasive species, such as green cestrum, balloon vine, privet, and cats claw creeper, will be removed, making way for the planting of native grasses, shrubs, and trees.

Empowering river stewards

Following weeding events, participants will have the opportunity to fish at the site and learn a few tips and tricks, as well as proper fish handling practices. The responsible fishing demonstration aims to educate anglers, teaching them the importance of habitat for healthy fisheries.  

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This project is part of OzFish’s Driving Fish Habitat Action partnership with Landcare NSW, with funding support from Recreational Fishing Trusts, and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.