The Lower Darling River

The Lower Darling River is one of the outback’s most loved waterways and it’s home to many of our favourite native fish.

Sadly, it has had a significant amount of instream fish habitat removed over the past 200 years which, in combination with other factors, has left fish populations vulnerable.

After the devastation of the 2019 Darling River fish kills, our native fish populations need the right river conditions to recover. Whilst this does mean the return of an appropriate flow regime, improved in-stream habitat will give fish a much needed helping hand.

resnagging project fish habitat


Did you know that 80% of Murray cod are found within 1 meter of a snag?

And it’s not just cod that love snags, many of our native fish rely on snags in waterways, and use them as a place to shelter, breed, feed and seek refuge.

The reinstatement of snags will provide valuable breeding grounds, supplementary food sources and homes for fish and other aquatic species. The project aims to enhance the ecological condition of the Lower Darling and assist with future-proofing the environmental health of the Murray–Darling Basin.

resnagging project fish habitat

Latest News

APRIL 2021 | Local Fishers Hard At Work Creating Homes For Fish In The Lower Darling

Recreational fishing volunteers are continuing to repair the Lower Darling River and improve vital fish habitat by installing thirteen large logs and rootballs last month downstream of Ellerslie township in far western NSW through the work of OzFish Unlimited. The project has been a collaborative effort by volunteers from Western Landcare and OzFish Sunraysia Chapter, with funding from Western Local Land Services and BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing. The newly installed habitat will provide much needed homes for beloved native fish species including Murray cod, golden perch and silver perch.

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NOVEMBER 2020 | Upcycled Tree Stumps Bring New Life Into The Lower Darling River

Thirty-two enormous snags in the form of tree stumps, root balls and bodies have been replenished into the Darling River this week in a collaborative effort by traditional owners and volunteers from Western Landcare and OzFish Sunraysia Chapter members. The work has been close to 12 months in the making having been delayed due to covid. The habitat was positioned downstream of Ellerslie township in far western NSW after being identified as a vital site to resnag due to the lack of complex habitat in the section of the river.

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This project has been made possible thanks to the OzFish-Landcare NSW partnership with funding support from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts and the Australian Governments Communities Environment Program

Thanks to the OzFish Landcare NSW partnership, there are now more much-needed fish habitat projects underway across New South Wales

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