Fish Friendly Farms

The project is a continuation of the successful Fish Friendly Farms originally rolled out in NSW. The project is delivered in partnership with South Coast Resource Management, Recfish West and OzFish 

Unlimited. This program aims to provide benefit by decreasing the negative impact of agricultural activities on rivers, lakes and streams. It will delivered through a series of extension activities to raise the awareness by farmers regarding farming practices and the active consideration of aquatic habitat preservation, and the role this plays in sustaining and improving fisheries. It will also deliver on farm demonstration projects working with local fishers.

The WA Fish Friendly Farms program has produced two major educational documents, Key Tips to a Fish Friendly Farm and Fishes of a Fish Friendly Farm. These documents had good uptake and where distributed through local farming communities and formed the basis of educational materials produced by this project. Ozfish Unlimited and SCNRM have been further developing awareness with the installation of signage to be placed at 2 boat ramp locations along the river bank. A video outlining the program is also currently in production.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Improve landholder/land manager understanding of fish habitat requirements and the impact of land management on fish ecology.
  • Encourage rehabilitation of fish habitat to improve native fish communities.
  • Build capacity within the farming community to assist with the planning and implementation of on-ground works that will benefit the aquatic environment.
  • Develop Fish Friendly Farm demonstration properties.
  • Communicate project outcomes to natural resource management bodies, government and the fishing community.


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