Large woody habitats and rocky reefs are the backbone of lowland rivers, providing critical substrate, breeding grounds, and sustenance for aquatic life.

Embracing the mission to revive the Lower Darling, OzFish and its volunteers embarked on a transformative project upstream from Wentworth which saw:

35 large

habitats installed

100 tonnes

of rocks installed

920 hours


This endeavor included the installation of 35 large habitats and 100 tonnes of rock reefs along a one-kilometer stretch of river.

The Lower Darling River once teemed with woody habitats and rock reefs, a testament to its past abundance. However, between 1911 and the 1960s, many of these features were sacrificed to facilitate navigation for riverboats. Rocks, logs and any type of structure were removed by the river.

A precious ecological community at risk

This region hosts an Endangered Ecological Community that shelters 21 native fish species and hundreds of native invertebrates. The devastating Darling River fish kills of 2019, 2020, 2022, and 2023 left the remaining native fish populations in dire need of support to recover their reproductive and feeding cycles.


Results that inspire

Our achievements speak for themselves:

  • 35 large habitats installed
  • 100 tonnes of rocks carefully positioned
  • 300 liters of rubbish collected, making the river cleaner
  • 9 community events bringing people together
  • Over 240 recreational fishers engaged in our mission
  • 920 hours of dedicated volunteer work, a testament to our shared commitment

At OzFish we believe in the strength of community.

This project not only benefited the environment but also brought together recreational fishing groups, Traditional Owners, and the broader community. Our engagement events fostered connections between recreational fishers and key stakeholders while safeguarding the health of the Darling for future generations.

This project builds upon previous habitat restoration efforts within the Lower Darling River, adding another layer of hope for the future. Together, we are breathing new life into this vital ecosystem, forging connections among communities, and ensuring a brighter future for this precious corner of Australia. Witness the transformation and be part of the legacy of fish habitat restoration.


AUGUST 2023 | Lower Darling Re-Snagging Project A Success Thanks To Volunteers And Some Full Scale Help

As the host of The Full Scale Fishing Adventures, Lubin Pfeiffer knows first-hand how much the Murray-Darling Basin needs a helping hand. He was only too happy to assist with OzFish Unlimited’s latest re-snagging efforts in the Lower Darling, one of the largest in-stream restoration projects by Australia’s recreational fishing charity.  As part of OzFish’s River Repair Bus program, OzFish worked with local anglers and community for more than 18 months to plan for the massive installation which was delayed due to the floods. The group ensured volunteers were there to roll up their sleeves to improve habitat for native fish by replacing lost woody and rocky habitat

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This project was funded by the Australian Government’s Murray–Darling Healthy Rivers Program, NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s Habitat Action Grant Program and the Australian Government through the CRC Program. The project is also supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing and the local recreational angling community.