6 fish habitat structures


65 hours


Bundaleer Reservoir Reserve

Bundaleer Reservoir is located in South Australia’s mid-north, in the Clare Valley region. It was built between 1898 and 1903 to supplement water supplies to neighbouring towns. Today it no longer supplies drinking water, maintained only as an emergency water source, and is enjoyed by locals for its fishing and kayaking.



The reservoir is currently stocked with golden perch, silver perch, Murray cod, rainbow trout and brown trout.

The importance of complex habitat

When reservoirs like Bundaleer were built, they were mostly scoured of any trees or submerged habitat. Native fish rely on habitat structures for protection from predators, shelter from the sun, to attract prey, and to provide a safe place to breed.

Building homes for fish

Six complex habitat structures were built to support the native fish in the reserve. They were made from Eucalyptus branches and carefully attached to limestone rocks to anchor them to the bottom of the reservoir. They were then deployed by boat to sites approved by SA Water.

These structures increase fish habitat and support a balanced aquatic ecosystem, which will also improve water quality in the reservoir.

25 SEPTEMBER 2023 | Habitat restoration enhances Bundaleer’s reputation as fishing paradise

Bundaleer Reservoir is branching out in the name of creating better habitat for native species and recreational fishers.  Following on from the success of similar projects at Warren Reservoir in 2021 and 2022, OzFish Unlimited – Australia’s fishing conservation charity and SA Water have again joined forces to support native fish.  OzFish members from the Barossa-Mid North Chapter rolled up their sleeves to enhance conditions at the renowned fishing location in the Clare Valley region of South Australia so that native species like golden perch, silver perch and Murray cod have better habitat. 

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This project was funded by SA Water through the Reservoirs Partnership Program and supported by BCF – Boating, Camping, Fishing.