The need for more habitat within the Murray Darling Basin is critical and this project is just another way OzFish and community partners are working towards a healthy, vibrant and more productive fishery.

Hard at work

The Sunraysia River Repair Bus have been busy undertaking weekly restoration projects within Bottle Bend Reserve alongside members of the NSW Western Landcare Group-Bottle Bend Reserve managers.

The activities have included weed removal, rubbish collection, scientific research with local schools and protecting indigenous artefacts.

OzFishers have also worked with the group to install a two-kilometre fence around the border of a vital riparian corridor along the Murray River which will protect the riparian habitat including cultural values and provide designated river access points.

“Healthy riparian vegetation is important for a healthy ecosystem. It provides shade for cooler water, overhangs and snags for shelter and insect fall for food. It filters run off which improves water quality, stabilises stream banks and provides a corridor for the movement for animals on land.” – Braeden Lampard

Healthy land supports healthy waterways

Riparian areas are inextricably linked with our waterways and our native fish need good quality riparian habitat to thrive. Fish rely on riparian vegetation for bank stabilisation, run-off water filtration, good water quality, water temperature regulation, shelter habitat provisionand as a key food source 

Replanting native vegetation along rivers means future snags, and future snags means more homes for fish. Did you know that Murray cod love to lay their eggs on snags? Incredibly, 80% of Murray cod are found within 1m of a snag!

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This project was made possible by the OzFish-Landcare NSW partnership with funding support from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts.