Two towns, one community

Local recreational fishers from the fishing club reached out to OzFish to teach their younger anglers about fish habitat and restore some of their much-loved fishing spots in their area.

Euston is a small town in NSW, across the Murray River from Robinvale, in Victoria. Moving along the Murray River, you will see lots of sandbars, gorgeous cliffs and bushland, and farmland on the NSW side.

This area is home to Lock 15 and Euston Weir, just downstream of the townships. This impressive system boasts a fish ladder and passes 32,000 megalitres of water daily!

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OzFish is dedicated to helping local rec fishers across Australia take control of the health of their rivers, lakes and estuaries. They partner with members and the broader community to invest time and money into the protection and restoration of our waterways.

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    • Work with fishers to make local fishing grounds healthy, vibrant and more productive.
    • Share ideas on how to improve, restore and protect fish habitat.
    • Seek grants and support for hands-on habitat restoration.
    • Provide events, resources, education and research that support fishing groups to achieve local outcomes.

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Fishing in this region

Euston and Robinvale are great places for birdwatching, water skiing, and, of course, fishing!

The region is home to the beautiful Murray cod, perch, and many other aquatic species. Additionally, the endangered Regent Parrot can be spotted.

The Euston Robinvale Chapter acknowledges and pays respect to the Dadi Dadi people and their Elders, both past and present, as the traditional custodians of this land.

Educating the young people about sustainable fishing

Recreational fishing is a treasured pastime in this area, but skills need to be passed from one generation to the next, ensuring enjoyment for years to come.

The OzFish Euston Robinvale Chapter would love to have the opportunity to conduct workshops for young people to catch a Murray cod and release these beautiful native fish back in the water, using correct handling techniques. This close-knit community would like to see their younger generation release cod, and ensure they have a fair chance at surviving for another recreational fisher to find when it grows a little bigger.

Future projects

Many Chapter members are concerned about the decreasing amount of large fishes.

They believe that this has many contributing factors, including lack of habitat, undersized taking of fish, erosion causing sedimentation, invasive carp, and rubbish pollution.
The projects we would like to take on to tackle these issues are:

  • Re-Snagging;
  • Riparian planting;
  • Rubbish removal;
  • Carp removal;
  • Addressing erosion; and
  • Education, including fish identification, cod seasons, correct handling, and size limits.

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Euston-Robinvale Region Anglers Take The Pledge To Make Habitat Restoration A Priority

Covering the Euston-Robinvale River basins, this area is a popular fishing location that is 95 KM South-East of Mildura or 132 KM North of Swan Hill and is home to some of the best Murray Cod and Golden Perch fishing in the country.

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