Andrew Matthews – WA Senior Program Manager

Andrew Matthews – WA Senior Program Manager

Andrew is a passionate fisher with an in-depth understanding in the complexities of sustainable recreational fisheries management, whilst recognising the social and economic importance that recreational fishing provides to both urban and regional communities.

Andrew has spent many years working in the area of biological sciences with a particular interest in ecosystem management, aquatic environments, rights of access and adaptive fisheries resource management.

Andrew has been a previous Board Member of the Recfishwest, being elected by the board as Deputy Chairman in 2008.  He was subsequently elected Chairman of Recfishwest in 2009-2014.

In 2011, Andrew was invited to be part of the Ministerial delegation with the WA Department of Fisheries to visit Seoul, South Korea investigating habitat enhancement technologies. Consequently he was involved in establishing the Reef Vision – Artificial Reef BRUVs Community Project monitoring WA’s first artificial reefs off the south west coast.

With a strong external communications and marketing background, Andrew has been widely published in a number of fishing magazines on topics as varied as marine conservation to the latest lure fishing technique.