Resnagging the Merri River (Part 2)

Back in August we saw OzFish SW Victoria Chapter team up with BCF and the Warrnambool community in launching their Resnagging the Merri River project. After 4 months of waiting for favorable weather, the right conditions  finally  arrived. Over the weekend, 7 ‘fish habitat packs’ were installed in the Merri River. These packs contained large redgum root balls, rocks, lay down snags and fish hotels.

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Previously devoid of any in-stream structure, the new installations in the Merri River are now providing important habitat for local species such as estuary perch, bream, mulloway and tupong. These structures will also help prevent erosion of the river bed and river banks. BCF is also chipping in and helping with planting 500 trees along the river bank.

Local mascot Percy Perch attended the the project to witness the installation of his new home. Boy was he stoked!!

What a huge difference all this will make to the Merri River fishery!  Big thanks to the local community who showed up and made this all possible. Also thanks to Fishcare SW inc, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Warrnambool Coastcare, Landcare Network and Austral Research & Consulting for their contribution.