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The Tweed Valley is a subtropical oasis located in the Northern Rivers of NSW. The network of waterways that contribute to the Tweed River are home to a variety of popular recreational fishing species including; Bream, Whiting, Mulloway, Mangrove Jack and Australian Bass.  Agriculture, urbanization and recreation all have their impacts on the river and its inhabitants. OzFish Tweed River Chapter is working toward addressing these impacts by undertaking fish habitat restoration projects. 

If you would like to get involved in improving fish habitat in the Tweed area, we would love to hear from you! Email simonfitzpatrick@ozfish.org.au or phone 0409 760 380.

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Bray Park Weir Tidal Protection Project is a proposal put forward by local council to potentially raise the weir wall to prevent salt water incursion from entering the towns water supply. Our focus is to ensure that if the weir is upgraded, fish passage remains adequate. We note that the fish ladders already in place are deemed to be less than adequate in allowing fish of all sizes to pass. Chapter President Simon Fitzpatrick is a member of the Projects reference group, representing recreational fishers. If you wish to make a comment or suggestion with respect to how you think the weir upgrade could effect fish habitat, please contact us HERE or go the the Tweed Council website for more information https://www.yoursaytweed.com.au/BrayParkWeir/

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National Tree Day. Sunday July 29 – Tweed Shire Council hosted a National Tree Day planting activity. OzFish Tweed River Chapter was there to assist in the riparian planting which will benefit a variety of flora and fauna including fish habitat. The site is within the catchment for Terranora Broadwater, an important estuarine habitat in the Tweed River estuary. With a plenty of hard work from a variety of local volunteers  including Tweed Landcare and Stone & Wood Brewery, we successfully re-vegetated the riparian zone with over 1,000 trees, plants and grasses!

Col Wiley Park Riparian Rehabilitation.  OzFish Tweed River Chapter has partnered with Tweed Shire Council and BCF to remove the existing weeds and replant native trees around Byangum Bridge.  Stage 1 includes riparian planting below the bridge and the installation of a canoe launching facility.  The planting is scheduled for World Rivers Day on 23rd September 2018. Stage 2 will focus on removing weeds and planting out above the bridge.

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Addressing Erosion. The clearing of river bank (riparian) vegetation has led to erosion of the river banks in many places in the Tweed catchment. OzFish Tweed River chapter is interested in working with landholders, councils, NGO’s and especially recreational fishers to rectify the impacts this has on our fishery. We look forward to working with the Tweed Shire Council who have already undertaken some very inspirational rehabilitation works.

Typical erosion issue on the Tweed River
A great example of what can be achieved. Tweed Shire Councils Waterway Program repaired this badly eroded site on the Oxley River. Before (left) and after (right).