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Based around the Tamworth area OzFish Northwest Chapter are keen to restore native fish habitat in their local rivers. Historically desnagging and removal of vegetation from riverbanks has contributed to a decline in fish stocks.

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OzFish on the Peel – Anglers for Habitat

This project aims to facilitate the removal of rubbish from in stream and adjacent riparian area at Jewry St Weir Peel River Tamworth.  A general clean-up of the area including removal of invasive weed species from riparian area will be undertaken over several working bee days.  Replanting of riparian area with suitable native species and ongoing maintenance, ie: watering and weeding is part of the project. 

      Oct 3, 2017 OzFish Northwest Chapter received a grant of $5,000 from Barnaby Joyce for the OzFish on the Peel – Anglers for Habitat project….read more

      Dec 16, 2017  More than 14 bags of rubbish weighing 80kg & 6 trolleys removed from the Jewry street weir area between 9 & 11 am. “What an awesome effort! Thank you so much for all your effort and help guys, way to go!” – Anne Tout Michie, President OzFish Northwest NSW Chapter.

The Peel River has known populations of; Eel Tailed Catfish (threatened), Silver Perch (threatened),  Murray Cod (threatened), as well as popular recreational angling species of Golden Perch (yellow belly). 

Gone Fishing Day 2017

Inland Waters Holiday Park at Lake Keepit hosted an open day on Gone Fishing Day 2017. Some 340 people registered and took part in the festivities; yabbie fishing, yabbie races, casting competition, bbq, music, jumping castle and much more! 40 Shimano combos were given as prizes along with lures, hats and drink bottles. Also big thanks to OzFish Northwest NSW Chapter, Landcare, Wires, Narrabri Fish Farm, The Rural Fire Service and Lake Keepit Family Fishing Club for contributing to the event.

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Clean Up Australia Day 2018

OzFish Northwest NSW Chapter, the West Tamworth League Fishos , The Pub Angling and Tamworth Landcare all joined forces on the banks of the Peel River for this years Clean Up Australia Day. Eighty six amazing people took only a few hours to collect eight shopping trolleys, a blow up swimming pool, car tyres, numerous bags of recycling and general rubbish from in and around the river. Participants also took part in a new tree planting on the river bank as part of our ongoing Heel the Peel project.

Region gloves up for Clean Up Australia Day – NorthernDailyLeader.com.au