Murray-Darling Basin


It’s a first for our thirsty fish! 

Native fish in the MDB are receiving a welcome drink following the unprecedented management decision to use environmental flows from two rivers to protect them and help them to survive and thrive in the future read more.

More fish in the lower Murray? Bring Back the Running River

Imagine a lower Murray where fishers can reliably catch and release 20kg Murray cod. Where fish and other aquatic animals thrive in a healthy river. …..this can be done with little or no extra water from the MDB Plan read more.

The Peel River and the ECA

An Environmental Contingency Allowance of water in Chaffey Dam has been allocated for the environment in an effort to try and help the river deal with the ecological consequences of increasing the capacity of the Dam read more.

An opportunity lost in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Speculation that the proposed changes in the northern part of the Murray-Darling Basin would be bad for the environment has generated stories that fall short of explaining the full picture for recreational anglers and our native fish read more.

Fish and Flows

Find out how flows help native fish grow, survive and thrive, what NSW Department of Primary Industries is doing to boost awareness of fish and flows science and engagement, and how you can help read more.