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Ozfish South West Victoria is a group of like minded fishers who can see the benefit of improving fish habitat to assist in increasing fish stocks. Due to human activity, many of the rivers in south west Victoria have been desnagged and/or have poor water quality. The reintroduction of snags for fish habitat is a real opportunity to improve river health. We have 2 simple goals: 

  • Improve the condition and availability of habitat for fish, to support healthy, resilient and sustainable fisheries, and,
  • To raise awareness about the importance of healthy habitats for fish, and to build local community support and involvement in these activities.


SW Victorian mixed catch of Bream and Estuary Perch

Quality fish require quality habitat to survive.


Merri River Tree Planting – We have already undertaken a large planting of 500 native trees on the banks of the Merri River. This project will strengthen the river bank thus preventing erosion and improve water quality in the river. As these trees mature they will provide much needed habitat for aquatic and bird life.

Merri River riparian planting


Resnagging the Merri River with the help of BCF

OzFish together with BCF Warrnambool have resnagged the Merri River with 7 ‘habitat packs’ including large redgum tree stumps, rocks, fish hotels and lay down snags. The new structure is now providing important habitat for local species such as estuary perch, bream and tupong. These structures will also help prevent erosion of the river bed and river banks. BCF is also chipping in and helping us with planting 500 trees along the river bank.

What a huge difference this will make to our fishery! A big thanks to the local community who showed up and made this all possible. Also thanks to Fishcare SW inc, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Warrnambool Coastcare, Landcare Network and Austral Research & Consulting for their contribution.

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A large SW Victorian Tupong

A large SW Victorian Tupong